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Terrapyn and Pun Ride Again!

Terrapyn and Pun Ride Again!

The World of Treadcraft is officially back!

Starting today I’m going to play World of Warcraft for one hour a day and I’m going to do it for one year. The only acceptable excuses will be ‘I am sick’, ‘ or ‘I physically cannot get to the computer.’

Why am I doing it? Because of this article over on Cracked and the fact that starting next month I’m going to have highly stressful (but incredibly fun) job and I need some way to burn off that stress.

I’d been thinking of doing something more artistic, like resurrecting the old comic strip or focusing on learning sculpting and casting, but my creative muse has a habit of vanishing right when I need her.

A year is a long time, so I’m breaking it down into smaller and smaller chunks (hence the cryptic title). All I care about each day is that one hour. I don’t care what happened yesterday, I don’t care what will happen tomorrow.

Last time I did this I got through 32 weeks and 172.65 miles — time to start breaking some records! :D

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Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Parallel universes spill off her fingers like drops of blood.

2. The ocean never changes and the ocean always changes. The phrase is so ingrained in the culture that it punctuates most conversations and she stops noticing it after a few weeks of living on the island.

3. Smoke is everywhere, not as thick or as acrid as when the fires were burning, but still dense enough to mask what’s entwined in the smoldering rubble. They pick their way out of the carnage and never look down.

4. Company life is broken down to a series of ruts and hills: you’re either at a job or on a ship heading to the next job. He learns quickly to enjoy the downtime while it lasts.

5. “‘My mother‘ this, ‘My mother‘ that– let the poor woman rest in peace and stop comparing us!”

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One Post Forward, Two Posts Back

Old Plans, New Wars

Old Plans, New Wars

I now have over thirty posts in the Draft folder again… and nothing has made it out of that event horizon save Saturday Story Prompts.

They are all still proto-posts, full of rough ideas and a few pictures, but nothing that’s ready to see the light of day. Which means it’s probably time to sit down and start getting serious about the blog again. *rolls up sleeves*

What Came Before

I’ve been working with roughly the same posting schedule since 2010, although there have been plenty of variations. But when you compare plans to reality, most of the categories have fallen significantly short of their yearly goals, in fact only the Saturday Story Prompts have held steady over the years.

So what I’ve been doing obviously isn’t working– time to rethink my battleplans!

Things Yet to Come

I’ve read a lot of good posts on other (more serious) blogs about making sure to keep posts ‘on brand’ and how long they should be and exactly what should be in it. I even played around in ProBlogger’s link gatherum on How to Write Great Blog Content. (Note: this post has almost none of these things.)

After all that reading, I’ve decided to toss the category-specific posting schedule out the window. Instead I’m going to focus on posting once a week on any topic. I’ll also be trying to write ahead so I can pre-schedule the posts until the end of December. Then I’ll loop back and write another weekly post until I hit year-end, continuing until I run out of posts or I run out of days.

Horses and Stories will continue to be posted as they are finished, but I will count them as the weekly post until I manage to get back into the swing of things.

…and no, this doesn’t count as the post for this week! ;) *heads off to evolve a proto-post*

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Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. No moon means no tides and she can’t bring herself to trust a sea so still.

2. A week ago I retired by accident. I was at the right place at the right time to do a favor for a very rich man and now I’ve got no debts and a trust fund big enough to live modestly on for– well, forever. So now what?

3. Dragons love base metals as well as precious, a master tinsmith’s work is just as honored a gift as a goldsmith– it’s the artistry that draws their eye first.

4. The clouds are like layer cakes, fluffy white interspersed with a bright crystal blue, and they dive through them recklessly. Each wingbeat kicks off tiny windstorms that trail in their wake, down, down until they are brushing the tops of the trees.

5. Transporters have too many moral dilemmas attached, so they stay inanimate-only.. at least until the war.

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Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Magic is abundant, but useless. It litters the landscape with faded auras that sparkle when the moon is full… and not much else.

2. “Better sorry than safe!” was her favorite phrase and she fully expected it to be carved into a tombstone long before she hit old age.

3. They dig tribute rivers to the sea, draining lakes and ponds in their quest to calm the Deep Mother’s hunger for her children.

4. Watching the fire turn my childhood to ash was the closest I’ve ever come to being happy.

5. Tomorrow, yesterday– empty constructs that fall away as the days roll by, each one a perfect twin of the one before. For a while he slips into the hallucination that he’s living the same day over and over, but there are subtle variations in Purgatory, once he learns where to look.

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Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Space is vast and empty and boring… but so is Earth, if you look at it right.

2. Horses only come in sandy chestnut here, the first herd was too small for the other colors to survive the rains. So she dreams in bays and grays and palominos… and wonders how mad her uncle would get if she ‘borrowed’ his hair dye.

3. Cold weather rolls down from the mountains and pools in the valley until the weather witch rolls up her sleeves and knots up the winds to the river.

4. Keeping college students as pets amuses her for a while, but they’ve no respect for antiquity– their lives revolve around finals and midterms. She settles on history-themed graduate students instead and torments them with insights she couldn’t possibly know… that all turn out to be true when they dig.

5. Deacon is less intimidating in person than over the phone, there’s some magic power that keeps him from cussing as loudly (or creatively) when he has to do it to your face.

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Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. The unicorn snarled, a low rumbling bellow that echoed in her bones.

2. Poor men walk and rich men ride and richer men stay home and let someone else do the traveling for them. Sadly Nathan’s riches only got him a mule and growing hatred for beans and rice.

3. There’s a constant hum throughout the ship, a melodic tone that’s generated to drown out the distracting clicks and whirrs and chirps that keep us alive. The tone’s annoying, but your brain filters one tone out easier than the chaos it’s hiding– at least until someone ‘helpful’ reminds you it exists.

4. The concept of sandwiches is apparently too much to grasp; they just keep disassembling them as soon as she hands them over.

5. Power goes out and the world goes with it. No one cares what’s happening overseas any more than they care what’s happening in a town three hundred miles away.

5 - View From the Molehill

Of Fresh Starts and Old Clutter

Clutter Engage!

Clutter Engage!

The house is getting foundation work done next week, which means everything has to be packed and out of the house (or hidden away in the kitchen). On the whole it seems like a pretty simple task: pick things up, put them in a box.

What I really wasn’t ready for was having to admit to myself how much stuff I still own for silly reasons.

I’ve been pretty good the last few years about decluttering, but with a packing matra of ‘Will I use this in the next two weeks?’ it’s becoming apparent I own things I’m not going to use in the next two years.

Or haven’t used in the last ten.

So yeah, packing the house is turning into one of those ‘what is actually important?’ adventures.

But it’s worth it to be shaken out of ruts now and again– growth only comes from focused change, so time to get a’focusing!

*dives back into packing*

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Treadmill Desk + Warcaft, 3 Years Later

Treadmill Desk 3 Years Later

It’s been a little over three years since it seemed like a good idea to turn my gaming adventures into something a bit more challenging.

While I’m still nowhere close to my hour-a-day goal, I’ve come a long way!

At this point I can comfortably play a single character in Diablo or World of Warcraft, dual-box in WoW at varying levels (depending which pair I’m playing), hold my own in an FPS (which I wasn’t that good at sitting still), and not die immediately in StarCraft.

There’s something very comforting about being able to move when you’re playing a game that gets your adrenaline up. It’s not something I’d miss if I was playing a turn-based game, like Civ, but for things like Diablo and WoW– it feels really weird now to have to sit still when I’m playing on other computers.

Overall, the setup hasn’t changed much over the years. I did some tweaks to the height of the keyboard and the mouse (adding towels under the wooden boards), but it’s pretty much the same as it was when I first started.

So if this sounds like fun– I’d highly recommend trying it out! :)

Treadmills don’t cost that much, heck you can pick up used ones on Craigslist for cheap, or brand new from Walmart for under $500. And yeah, mine is pretty much jury-rigged in a way that would make MacGyver proud, but isn’t that half the fun?

(Sure you could buy the whole kit and kaboodle for three grand, but where’s the challenge?)

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Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Open the door, they whispered from the shadows. Open the door, over and over until his childhood echoed with it.

2. They aren’t transporters so much as replicators, it’s only the law and the failsafes that clean-up the you that’s left behind.

3. Every so often I vow to give up the internet and accomplish something physical instead of virtual– but there are a depressingly few number of respawn points on this planet.

4. The wolves are small coyote-size things, stunted by generations of poor hunting and long winters. The sheep are massive, comparatively, and the canines learn quickly that my mountain flocks are nothing like their dimwitted low-valley cousins.

5. Telepathy depends heavily on your ability to translate the input; it’s more akin to interpretive dance than cryptography.