All the King’s Horses…

Lately I’ve been bad about posting horses as they’ve been finished.

Really bad.

Really really bad.

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On the one hand this means I have a whole handful of posts that are roughly 50% complete (as well as a bunch of how-to’s that aren’t anywhere near that far done), but on the other hand it means there is the potential for MASSIVE PHOTO SPAM.

I am pretty fond of horse photo spam, but I also want to try and get back into the habit of writing non-horse posts. I failed pretty hard at the last Camp NaNoWriMo and that’s making me itchy to get back into my fictional head-space.

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So while I’m currently in a frenzy of finishing all the draft posts, I’m not going to unload them in an avalanche of horse-flavored goodness. Instead I’ve decided to limit myself to posting the Work-in-Progress ramblings over on my Facebook page and only blog posting one finished horse or How-To per week. At this rate I probably won’t be caught up again until August, but it should be a much smoother ride.

But it should at least be a pretty one! 😉

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A World Without Warcraft

A Paladin by any other game...
A Paladin by any other game… is still a catgirl

My World of Warcraft subscription expired a few months ago when my bank card did… and I didn’t notice.

Part of that was because my coworkers had lured me first into Star Wars and then into Final Fantasy (where I current reside), but even before that my actual time in Azeroth was sparse. Ever since the new expansion dropped I’ve been losing interest in playing. I wanted to log in, I wanted to explore the still new-to-me content of the expansion– I just didn’t.

I tried leveling alts or working on random achievements instead of chasing level cap, but nothing could hold my interest. I even found myself swapping windows to look something up only to forget I was playing. Being a druid just wasn’t druid-y enough anymore and I found myself resenting the game for having grown away from what I wanted it to be.

Final Fantasy isn’t druid-y and neither was Star Wars, but I wasn’t expecting them to be. So ditzing around in FFXIV trying to level ALL the things or burying myself in the entrancing story-line of SWTOR wasn’t burdened by the memory of what they used to be. Sure, in time that feeling will leach into these games –with every new expansion the digital worlds I play in are apt to warp and sunder– but for now they are just fun.

And I’ll keep the hope alive that maybe someday WoW will be fun again too… I still have Druid-ing to do, after all.

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Twenty Fourteen Theme Tweaking (aka Death to Whitespace!)

Twenty Fourteen Theme Default Look
Twenty Fourteen Theme Default Look

WordPress upgraded the other day and with 4.1 came upgrades to the themes. …And like a dummy I forgot I hadn’t made my changes in a childtheme, so I upgraded without making a backup of Stylesheet (style.css) and lost all my tweaks.

So I had to go back and hunt down the changes I made, saved here for posterity (and if anyone else needed them).

  • How to Resize the Content
  • How to Fix the Image Alignment Issues after Resizing the Content
  • How to Reduce the Whitespace in the Content

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Turning back into a Hobby…

Live-ish From the Workbench 05-15-2015
Live-ish From the Workbench 05-15-2015

It’s been almost a month in the new house and my art desk is still hidden away behind boxes… so I think it’s time to finally admit I’ve thrown in the towel.

After looking over revenue from the past 12 months and then looking forward, I’ve decided to turn my micro business back into a hobby. I’m nowhere near profitability for this year to date and I lost money last year– I don’t think I can argue that I’ve got enough of a profit motive to be considered a business anymore.

I’ve made a couple of attempts to get the fire going again, but with the new house (and all it’s assorted projects) I don’t think I’m going to have the time to really get things started. So I’ll still be creating art and running the Etsy store, but I’ll be doing it without an official profit motive.

Ironically this might mean I actually get more art done, which means more things to sell… but it’s a heavy might.

Will I start up the business again someday? I’m honestly not sure– but I’d like to. Maybe I just need to wait until I retire properly and have more time to turn my hobby of running a business back into a business of running a hobby.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. “You have to ask twice,” he laughed as she glared at the ashed remains of her burnt offering,” nothing immortal is listening well enough to hear it the first time.”

2. The King’s Dance is a dual, not a duet, and the courts can only watch as in mandated silence as the new crown prince is chosen.

3. It’s not that nothing happens here, there’s always something happening no matter how small the town, it’s that nothing new happens. Everyone is settled into ruts generations deep and it’s going to take more than one teenager’s wanderlust to shake them loose.

4. Four miles later the last of the horses died.

5. It would have been a perfect job if it hadn’t been for those darned owls!

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. There is in all of us, the seeds of darkness.

2. Dancing isn’t a formal thing here, instead it’s a series of ever evolving moves passed on from town to town and invented on a whim. He lurks on the edges of the happy chaos, too used to the regimented dance halls of home.

3. “I don’t think you’re listening to me.”

“Good catch, I’m not.”

“This is important, lives are at stake!”

“I know, why do you think I’m ignoring you? Let me work.”

4. Robots can’t do everything, at least not yet, so there’s still plenty of work to be done in the colonies. She might not be skilled, but she’s one heck of a handyman and it keeps her fed as she wanders the planet.

5. Sundown is beginning of their day, until the predators are asleep it’s too dangerous to work.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. He has a hard time letting go, even after time grinds the stones to sand around him. Love doesn’t come easily to Gods.

2. “It’s not war until the public is uncomfortable.” She said with an amused snort, “Until that point it’s just a ‘conflict’ or a ‘peacekeeping mission’– a show of force someplace far away. Your job is to stop the bad guys, mine’s to keep anyone from noticing you’re doing it.”

3. Normal children have a multitude of yearnames to disguise them from the evil spirits and keep them safe. I’ve only had one name, but the demons refuse to take me.

4. She loved repairing antiques. There was something immeasurably satisfying about bringing the furniture back to its former glory. So few things were handmade anymore, much less decades or centuries old.

5. Learning to walk on four legs is only slightly easier than learning to walk on two. Mageforms don’t come with the instinctual skills of true shapeshifters.

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