How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

Stained and Aged Craft Wood
Stained and Aged Craft Wood – Have at thee!

This is a continuation of the previous post on how to make Model Horse Fencing, which itself was a continuation of the how to make Model Horse Display Bases. I think I’m starting a theme here! ;)

You would think with all the scale model hobbies out there that finding instructions on how to age scale wood fences would be easy… but not so much! I found plenty of articles on how to age normal wood, but when you are working with balsa wood and basswood, the pickings are pretty slim.

These are the best of the bunch:

So below are my experiments on turning the basic basswood and balsa wood planks into something a bit more weathered. Continue reading How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. I waited for three hours, which was probably two and a half hours too long, but it takes a long time for hope to die.

2. The cloth feels like air on his skin, featherlight and richly indulgent in a way he hasn’t felt for years.

3. “I hate to ask, but did it ever occur to you to tell them no? No, you can’t use the neighbor’s kid as a human sacrifice. No, you can’t make a pact with a demon? Because honestly, it should have.”

4. Shadows are static things in a world where the sun never moves.

5. The last time I was here the forest was on fire.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. All children under the age of eight are simply known as ‘Child.’ Names could only be used once and were too precious to waste.

2. “Mortals are rarely clever,” said the dragon as he let her go. “So it seems I should encourage the behavior.”

3. Puppy season in the kennels is a constant torrent of noise. The sign language that had been mildly useful before is critical now.

4. “I do know you,” he said unruffled. “You pay your taxes early and drive the speed limit and carefully follow all the lines you’ve ever been told to walk. Now I’m asking you to break them.”

5. Magic bound by ‘Harms None‘ is actually more limited that people think.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. Magic burns like hot peppers, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not.

2. “I worry about you,” she said, tucking away a strand of hair from his face, “You’re too newly hatched to face this test.”
“I am from a line of Kings,” he objected. “I’ve been bred for this, it’s what I was meant to be.”
“I hope so.”
“I know so.”

3. Two shadows trot along the ridge of darkness. Only a breath brighter than their surrounds, they’re ghostly echoes of what the dark used to be.

4. The world is full of noise, hundreds of things constantly demanding her attention… So one day she turned it all off.

5. “I think you’ve missed the point. This isn’t about the end of the world, it never was. This has always been just about you and me.”

Live from the Workbench

Live from the Workbench 01-04-2014
Live from the Workbench 01-04-2014

It’s four days into 2015 and I have a BUNCH of custom orders already! (None of which are in this photo, sadly). I’m ecstatic and a little overawed, gotta tell ya, but I’m raring to go!

So I’ve been getting my Muses in gear by trying to finish up some old works before I start in on the new ones. The two draft horse heads are two of the three attempts to cast this one in plaster (the third broke coming out of the mold and needs additional repair). They came out okay, but not great– I think I’m going to stick to casting this one in resin only.

The three small horse heads are going to be a trio of metallics and for sale as a set when they are done. I’m experimenting with smaller lot sizes and premades for the magnets to see if they sell better than the custom slots. *crosses fingers*

The Mini Whinnie is… well, I’m not sure yet. She’s been on the workbench for quite a while and I’m not sure if she’s meant for chrome or not. I think she’s just going to get a nice dappling, but we’ll see what the week brings.

Incoming custom orders are: G3 Highland Pony (Silver Bay), G3 Warmblood Jumper (4-H Theme), G3 Tennessee Walker (American Spirit Theme), G1 Thoroughbred (Gold Tobiano), and Big Ben (unknown). Gonna be a blast to paint these guys! :)

Twelve Things (2015 Goals Checklist)

2015 Motto: Failing Upwards!
2015 Motto: Failing Upwards!

I had problems focusing on accomplishing things last year, but the one thing I did end up stumbling into was the idea of trying new things instead of just improving old skills. The Silicone caulk molds and plaster and resin casting weren’t anything I’d ever done before, but they turned out to be a lot of fun! If a tad unorganized…

So this year I’m going to do things right and not lose sight of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m scheduling posts for the first Saturday of each month for the rest of the year as check-ins. No way I’m losing track of this set of 12!

These goals may change over the year as things become more (or less) important. However I am going to hold tight to the idea that I will accomplish an average of one thing a month in 2015… Continue reading Twelve Things (2015 Goals Checklist)

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. The walls around the city are barely three feet tall; nothing on this planet ever learned to jump or climb.

2. Going partially deaf is more terrifying than he’d prepared for. His brain is all too willing to fill in the emptiness with what it expects to hear, and his mind teases voices from the static.

3. Running from your past is easy, it’s your future that’s harder to escape.

4. When they said ninety percent of the writing on the internet was crap, they were being optimistic. But somewhere in the archives was the data he needed, so if it took him weeks or months to hone the search algorithms it was still worth the dig.

5. She has twelve souls under her watch, to guide and guard from the gates of Hell. So every full moon when they lose themselves, she does the killing for them.

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