Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. The world is silent and still, dead without even the smallest hint of life.

2. Cars are too easy to see, even off-road, so they break out on foot, doing their best to seek cover from the drones.

3. They cover the plane in orange and green goop to deice it, sprayed from hoses held by operators too wrapped up in staying warm to notice the kids’ joy.

4. It looks much warmer than it is; a gloriously blue sky with no clouds and bright sunshine– bouncing off ice at least an inch thick and more snow that I hope to see again in my lifetime.

5. My mother left us when I was two. Or we left her, my father’s always been vague about who did the actual moving, but he’s always been clear about the fact she had enough of my abilities. She wrote me a letter before she left, explaining everything including why she didn’t want me trying to find her.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Sandy beaches are edged with swamps, greenery explodes as soon as the salt waters dilute.

2. “I have a friend who can tell you what year a commercial aired just by watching the actors– body language is important, this is important– why can’t you understand that?”

3. No one knows when or where the stories started, the oldest known postings are shrouded in anonymity, but they are simple and powerful and resonate outwards across the net.

4. Massive freighters trail behind each team of tugboats, chugging forward in parallel like draft horses on a hitch.

5. Staying calm isn’t always about detachment. Sure it helps to be able to step back until he’s behind the screen again, watching someone else play out his life– but when he’s the one in control he just has to take a deep breath and remember the truth in their shared hearts: he’s too important to die.

How to make 1:32 Scale Model Horse Fencing

Four Kinds of Stablemate Fencing
Four Kinds of Stablemate Fencing

In the last ‘Let’s Build Something!’ post I showed you how to make and repair grass bases for your Stablemate (1:32) scale models. Now it’s time to add some fencing to that setup.

This post will cover how to make multiple kinds of wooden and faux-PVC fencing. I’ll have another post up in a week or so that will cover wire and arena fencing.

On a scale of one-to-‘Ack, my finger!’ this is on the easy end of things. It does take some practice to get everything to line up, but that’s more careful planning and less rocket science.

As always, click for larger photos! :) Continue reading How to make 1:32 Scale Model Horse Fencing

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Death smells like cut grass, crisp and green under layers of motor oil and engine fumes.

2. They chase the dragon’s shadow across the fields, arms outstretched and roaring as only six-year-olds know how.

3. That’s their big secret: they’ve domesticated polar bears. He’s not sure he really wants to know why, but they’re obviously waiting for him to ask.

4. “’No’ should be your default answer,” he said between bites of ice cream. “Anytime anyone asks you to do something for them, say no. Save your yes for when it’s with them, not for.”

5. I’ve amassed a small fortune in pennies, quite literally. What started out as a penny jar turned into a penny five gallon bucket and sort of snowballed from there. At this point I think the bank would charge me more to deposit them they they’re worth, even if I could bring myself to try.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. I thought I loved her once, before I realized they built me without emotions.

2. The world they come from has never had a true night and it takes them a while to learn why we fear the dark.

3. Most stories don’t start with a happy ending, but my brother has always done everything the hard way.

4. She stares at the planet silhouetted by the dying sun until it’s burned into her retinas, she’ll carry the image of everyone she can’t save with her into the night.

5. Riding snakes is nauseating. They sweep across the grasslands at insane speeds, pausing only when they hit something too large to divert around. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like being three stories off the ground as they sway their heads looking for a way up.

The Devil’s in the Details

Analytics Whoops!
Analytics Whoops!

In a moment of goofing off from NaNoWriMo I decided to take a look at what my website traffic has been doing since I turned off comments. I was hoping to thwart the spammers, which should have lead to a downturn… but not quite as drastic a one as I found.

Thankfully it was an obvious and easy fix.

When I swapped my theme from the Boilerplate to Twenty Fourteen I forgot to turn the Google Analytics plugin back on (I’d had it hardcoded into my custom header). So everything since November 8th is now a nice little dead zone in my reports.

With that hiccup, it looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer to see if there’s actually been a change. But on a good note, it means I can try and focus in on what sort of traffic I want to see and how to get it! *dusts off her researching tools*


Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. The world is ending in a month and we’ve run out of things to do.

2. Dragons are sharp, brittle personalities, objecting with chirps and warning belches at any change in routine.

3. Virtual reality has always been better than reality, it’s a life designed to be won– once the chance to choose one over the other is real, the results are terrifying.

4. Teaching Songs are passed down verbally from generation to generation. Too sacred to be transcribed, the words and lyrics fall victim to time until each town has it’s variations.

5. It wasn’t the sort of test you could fail, you got unlimited attempts and nothing counted against you. They wanted to know how you approached problem solving, not if you could solve this particular problem on the first try. But everyone knew that going in, so some of us got creative…

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