Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. He hides his life under the stage makeup and costuming, burying his past and present under the comforting blanket of borrowed sins.

2. Two lights hung on the horizon. Then one. Then none. And with the darkness came the end of the war.

3. “It’s not us versus them!” She objected.

“But it is!” He slammed down the sword hilt he was working on. “It’s exactly that. I know you don’t want to believe it, but it’s high time you got your head on straight.”

4. I learned a long time ago to stop wanting things

5. The unicorns are small brutish things, compact and packed with muscle. Virgins or not, they all quickly learned to avoid them.

Baby steps (or: Etsy store reboots)

Empty Etsy Store
Behold, the desolation of Smaug– err, Procrastination!

I wasn’t paying attention and the last of my active listings in the Etsy store expired this month. I went to show a friend some examples of what a storefront looks like and the poor thing was sitting there forlorn and desolate… this shall not stand! [insert dramatic pose here]

But the problem with dramatic reboots is that all of a sudden nothing I’ve done up to this point is good enough.

  • I need to take better photos.
  • I need to touch-up existing paint jobs.
  • I need to redesign the shop’s categories to better handle my new addition to plaster and resin magnet-making.
  • I need to make a metric ton of new stuff so that the store has lots to choose from and people can easily find something that fits their price range and tastes.
  • I need to work out the Listing Rotations so there is always something new and the offerings are balanced between the categories.
  • I just generally need to be more awesome.

None of which actually needs to happen… I’m just caught up in that perfection’s dance where I can’t start any project until I’m 150% prepared.

Phooey on that!

Starting today there are only two requirements for listings going back into the store:

  1. I have unpacked the item and verified it isn’t damaged.
  2. The photos for the listing don’t have a datestamp on them.

I’m not going to make any sort of rules on how many things to  post a day, or when to post them, or what categories need to be posted in what order. As long as they meet the two criteria above, they are going into the store.

And if they don’t, well that’s why the other post I’m writing today is ‘Finding Workspaces That Work’. 😉

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. Ghosts are only the memories we keep, the dead have no need to linger.

2. The safeguards only allow him to dodge, no matter how potent the attack. Until they officially choose sides, the computers can’t classify the locals as lawful combatants in the war.

3. I used to be scared of space, the vast never-ending emptiness of it, but once I got out there I found there were plenty of more important things to fear.

4. The bird is all colors and no colors at once, an ever shifting prism of glass feathers and polished steel.

5. A half-marathon seemed like a good idea at the time, but apparently they weren’t kidding when the guides warned that ‘training is required’.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. The vulture is massive and its dark wings conceal most of the body as it defends its prey.

2. ‘Shots fired’ means different things to different people, but I’d worked with McCarthy long enough to know it really meant ‘I’m hit.’

3. Never tell a Wyvern the truth.

4. The lights in the house are always dimmed so the shadows that scurry from corner to corner are harder to see and easier to ignore.

5. “You should have picked someone else,” he said in lieu of an apology. “I told you that when we started.”

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. Before the war, I would have punched her back.

2. Herd animals are more apt to kill you than predators. They don’t care if you’re edible or how dangerous you are– all they care is that trampling has always worked before.

3. “Sit down, sit down.” He offers the best of his chairs to the guest, who remains standing with a frown.

4. For fun they’ve built a massive useless window across the spaceship’s bow, kept safe with magic instead of science, just for the horrified looks from other ship’s engineers every time they dock.

5. She can’t hear their screams anymore over the sound of the wind.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. The world is still fuzzy and off-kilter, but at least it’s not the suffocating blackness of before.

2. Fire, iron, and wood: these are the three elements of my town. Water is scarce, stone is nothing by iron oxide, and scrub trees are all that manages to grow.

3. She builds skyscrapers out of tin cans and Tupperware, a metropolis of scavenged dishes.

4. Two things end up saving the world: dumb luck and abject stupidity.

5. No one noticed when he left, the chaos of the fire was too enthralling and without anyone directly assigned to watch him it was easy enough to escape.

Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts
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1. “We hate to call them expendable,” he looked down at the dog fondly, “but realistically– we’re all expendable when we need to be.”

2. There is nothing as humbling as realizing you’ve been stood up.

3. Magic is everywhere, but in dilute amounts too weak to feed even the smallest spell. Thankfully being able to tap that power is an evolutionary leap that both plants and animals have made, so the colonists need only to step into the apex of the food chain to reap the benefits.

4. The lumbering beasts are hard to classify in Terran terms. The closest she can come is a pig crossed with a jackrabbit, but the resulting mess is easily the size of a water buffalo. Thankfully all the report asks for is ‘Is there life?’ with no explanation required.

5. It’s a blindingly bright day, the kind where you have to fight to remember how cold it really is outside.

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