Saturday Story Prompts [12.02.11]

By | February 11, 2012

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Poetry is prose with all the wrong words taken out.

2. Death was no worse than the doctor’s office, just a boring wait with dreadful hold music until the Eversoul called your number and spat you back out into the world. But reincarnation wasn’t cheap and Mike was looking at two years in debtors prison until he could try again.

3. “There will always be someone worse off in life than you,” Patricia cut her off, “but that’s not the point. It’s not that your life isn’t bad because someone else’s is worse, it’s that it’s not that bad because you are being a drama queen and blowing this out of proportion.”

4. If anyone thought it was a dumb plan, they weren’t saying it and she squashed down the little voice that insisted they were just hoping she would die.

5. They found more cats (or cat-equivalents) on the worlds they visited than they did dogs. The universe was kind to small solo hunters that relied on wit and speed, which should have prepared them for the fact most other sentients lived in small family groups instead massive nations—but they were humans expecting to find humans, not sentients and it took them a while to recognize the difference.

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