For My Awesome Sibling, Who is Awesome!

By | November 2, 2012

No Good Reason Muse

(And has agreed to be my guinea pig voice actor for forays into audiobook flash fiction. Mwahahaha! :D)

What follow is a list of things I gathered that looked promising. Pick whatever you’d like to play with!

Ze List of Things That Might Be Good To Listen To

Elm Creek
Twin Ponds
Is, Was, Will Be
Memo to Self
Rivers of Bone and Blood
Second Chances
Biological Warfare

A poem, because I can…
In Will Alone

I <3 these, but might not be easy to read since they have dialog. :p
Mr. Magnifico vs. Miss’Terious!
On Arboreal Advice
Pancakes With a Side of Myth
Under New Management

And basically any of the Saturday Story Prompts that catch your eye…

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