World of Treadcraft : Week 32

By | November 4, 2012

Ashella Ding Level 89

Starting Milecount: 166.40
Goal Miles for Week 32: 14.00
Actual Miles for Week 32: 6.25
Total Miles Week 1-32: 172.65

This week didn’t start out well, thanks to the hurricane, but they did pick up again as the week rolled on. I’m trying to get into the habit of walking at least a mile a day, come heck or high water. Finding 30 minutes shouldn’t kill me… in theory.

I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to hit 89 any time soon, but the XP gods smiled upon me and I ended up ding’ing a lot earlier than expected. Which is good, since it means I should definitely hit 90 by the end of November! 😀

(Apparently when one quests full time it’s slightly faster leveling than playing with gardens and leveling cooking/fishing. *innocent whistles*)

The Reality

Day Miles Excuse
Sunday Nada Hurricane Sandy
Monday Nada Hurricane Sandy
Tuesday 2.25 @ 2mph Fizzcrank, Ashella, Level 88
Wednesday 1.00 @ 2mph Fizzcrank, Ashella, Level 88 (so close!)
Thursday 1.00 @ 2mph Fizzcrank, Ashella, Level 88. First Day of National Novel Wiriting Month! 😀
Friday 2.00 @ 2mph Fizzcrank, Ashella, Level 88
Saturday 1.00 @ 2mph Fizzcrank, Ashella, Level 88-89

Scenery Long Ashella Catform Mountains Snow Temples

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