Saturday Story Prompts [12.12.01]

By | December 1, 2012

Saturday Story Prompts

1. With a racking cough the car sputtered and died, coasting only a few more feet before turning into the world’s worst-looking paperweight.

2. The full moon is reflected in the very center of the circular pool, its perfection marred only by the slow drip of blood from the dying dragon.

3. They only want what’s best for us, at least if you believe the sound bites and the rhetoric, but the day the last McDonald’s closed was one I’ll never forget.

4. Horses are wild here, scattering at the slightest hint of humanity. Someone calls her name and she squashes a flare of loss as the distant herd gallops away.

5. The serpent rose from the water, higher and higher until it was taller than the ship’s bow. Weaving from side to side, it paused there, eyeing the captain and his crew with bitter seafoam eyes.

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