Saturday Story Prompt Collections : 2012 and 2012/2014.01

Saturday Story Prompts 2012 Saturday Story Prompts 2012-01 and 2014-01 Saturday Story Prompts 2011-01 and 2013-01

The 2012 yearly collection as well as the January 2012/2014 collection are both up in the Smashwords store. The January 2011/2013 collection would have rolled over into FREE status as well… but it was already free since I posted it so late. ;)

I’m hoping to fill in some more of the missing 2011 monthly collections this week, but we’ll see how she rolls.

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    • Thanks for the visit! I think you had a great idea about yearly theme words– I’m still working on my own resolutions post but now I know what my focus is thanks to your post. :)

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