Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. The massive beasts hunt like cranes, standing motionless for hours followed by short sharp bursts of violence that leave the waters flush with silt and blood.

2. “Come away with me,” looking out over the harbor he asked without asking, knowing the answer was no.

But after a moment, she said “Come away with me instead.”

3. The ship’s fabrication shop will make them anything they can dream up, but the security protocols still limit what they are allowed to dream.

4. “I was late to the table once, back when I’d first moved out to the ranch and hadn’t butted heads with Grandma yet. Trust me, you don’t want to find out what happens when she counts to ‘two’…”

5. Could-have-beens litter the apartment, so she doesn’t pack anything at all. Two signatures later and Goodwill and her landlord are left to clean up her failures.

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