Saturday Story Prompts [13.01.26]

By | January 26, 2013

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Ambulances always know the fastest route and he keeps close on its tail as it bolts for home.

2. “You can spend your whole life waiting for a sign,” she said dismissively, “or you can get up off your knees and do what you know is right. Sometimes we have to answer our own prayers.”

3. The ‘Spine of the World’ is more literal than he expected, a chain of oddly symmetrical mountains that neatly bisects the island.

4. We’re reaching the end of my story now, but the true story ended a long time ago and there’s nothing left but the ghosts of stories that might have been.

5. Flags are the easiest things to follow across the plains, so they plant them in staggered intervals making sure three are in view at all times.

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