Saturday Story Prompts [13.02.09]

By | February 9, 2013

Saturday Story Prompts

1. Circuses come through town four times a year, massive caravans akin to floating cities perpetually circling the kingdom.

2. It used to be that the smallest of sounds would echo through the chamber like thunder, but that was when the orchestra was new and flush with funds. Acoustics aren’t the first to go, but they’re not far from the last…

3. They need structure, rules, consequences– but these aren’t teenagers and he’s not sure he’s strong enough to teach them what they need to learn.

4. Gossip is the downfall of every mob, if they wait long enough their pursuers will tear themselves apart.

5. Morning tea is a ritual he’s never put aside, no matter how chaotic his life became. It’s the rock he builds his day around and a silly little thing like dying is not going to take that away.

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