Saturday Story Prompts

Saturday Story Prompts

1. They come into my world kicking and screaming, but that’s because they’re adults and not children.

2. Castles on cliffs are easily defended, which is why he builds his in the middle of the rolling hills. It’s a taunt to his neighbors, but they know better than to take the bait and attack.

3. If anyone else minds, they don’t say so out loud, but she wonders who’s going to feed the dragon when the sheep run out.

4. Turning off the internet is like turning off the world– stepping into the dead zone isn’t really that unnerving until you realize how many unconscious habits are built around it.

5. It rains here, but it never pours and he finds himself thinking fondly on the monsoons of home. Which is a good sign that it’s time to stop drinking.

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