Slowroad’s Silver

By | February 12, 2013

Slowroad's Silver - Thumbnail

Make: Breyer
Scale: Mini Whinnie
Mold: Jog Trot Quarter Horse Mare
Color: Silver-Bay
Gallery: Dilutes
Medium: Liquitex Artist Color Acrylics (Gesso, Mars Black, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Oxide, Light Portrait Pink) and Sargent Art Chalk Pastels (Earthtone)
Status: Painted February 2013 and SOLD

This little gal has been a long time coming… as in almost a year’s wait. Which is pretty sad considering she was an apology horse painted because of shipping problems with one of the stablemates. *sighs*

But while Silver may have a taken a long time to make it off the workbench, she’s one heck of a horse!

She’s done mostly in pastels (you can see the in-progress pics here) with white markings added after the fact. She’s got realistic tri-colored eyes and a depth of shading that’s annoyingly hard to pick up in photos (the glowing white mane and tail don’t help either :p )

She has had her logo and seams removed, but no other changes have been made to the mold.

Slowroad's Silver - Left

Slowroad's Silver - Right

Slowroad's Silver - Top

Slowroad's Silver - Tummy

Slowroad's Silver - Front

Slowroad's Silver - Back

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