Flat Cat Head Sculpture [Gallery]

By | August 10, 2017
Flat Cats on a Calendar

Flat Cats, Assemble!

I sculpted the original flat cat head back in August of 2015, but I didn’t get around to painting any of them until December, because lo, I got a little carried away with my plaster casting! 😉

But once I got going with these little guys it was hard to stop. The form lends itself to a more abstract cat design and my muses are still trying to figure out the best way to decorate them.

Onwards to the gallery! (Last Updated: 08/08/2017)

#007 Portrait Tuxedo Cat – Work In Progress #008
 #005 Gray – For SaleGray Flat Cat  #006 Brown -Work In Progress
#003 Pink Tabby – For SalePink Tabby Flat Cat #004  Blue-Purple-Green Calico – For SaleBlue Purple Green Calico Flat Cat
#001 Orange and White Tabby – For Sale #002 Black and White Tuxedo – For Sale

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