Saturday Story Prompts [2017.09.09]

By | September 9, 2017
Saturday Story Prompts

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1. When I was younger climbing trees ended in bruises instead of broken bones.

2. For centuries the aliens don’t notice us and we don’t notice them– we’re just too different, too alien to recognize each other.

3. “I explained the rules,” the genie said with a resigned frustration. “Multiple times. Wishes that violate the rules won’t work, no matter how convoluted your reasoning gets. This isn’t logic, this is magic.”

“You just say that because I haven’t figured it out yet.”

4. Volumes have been written on the art of war… we will be the first to author the books on peace.

5. Magic is trapped in the cracks of the stones, yellow-blue flashes of light that snap and pop are never quite green.


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