Saturday Story Prompts [2017.09.23]

By | September 23, 2017
Saturday Story Prompts

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1. Sometimes it’s Kings and not Farmboys who go off to seek their fortunes, but he’s not a king, not anymore.

2. “I used to joke that this was where textbooks came to die,” she said as she sorted through the Goodwill donation bin.

3. They solved the puzzles with brute force, throwing manpower instead of brainpower into the fray.

4. No one expected much of him after the accident, traumas like that are supposed to leave you broken. When he stubbornly refused to accept the fact that he was doomed to be a twisted shell of his former self… they were annoyed instead of overjoyed.

5. The gun’s logic circuits process the situation faster than they can, selecting ammunition and calculating trajectories as soon as it starts to leave the holster.


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