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NaNoWriMo + Cathat = Pretty Darned Good Time!

NaNoWriMo + Cathat = Pretty Darned Good Time!

Hello World!

Programming jokes aside, I’ve had the Martha.net domain since 1998 and it’s been a bit of a grab-bag ever since. Currently this blog is a happy mash-up of all my hobbies and interests into one Mega-Blog of Martha-flavored whimsy. You’ll find everything from model horses to WoW to writing to micro-business adventures herein!

Things are a little messy right now– The blog used to be split into sub-blogs, but I’m working on recombining them into a (mostly) coherent whole.

The old subcategory listings are below and clicking on the icon will pull up the archive filtered on that category. Clicking the Blog link in the header will get you everything…

Subblog Goodness

Unquiet Bones - Fantasy, Science Fiction Unquiet Bones is my writing blog, focusing on Fantasy and Science Fiction, although some horror slips in now and then. [was UnquietBones.com]
Hue Askew Horses - Custom Model Horses Hue Askew Horses is my model horse customizing blog, focusing on painting and resculpting model horses Stablemate (1:32) scale and smaller. [was Custom-Models.com and SunRunner Stables]
Perish Twice - WoW Dual-boxing Perish Twice is my World of Warcraft dual-boxing blog in which I’m learning how not to die (as much) and how to play while walking on a treadmill.
Everyday Dragons - Crafting Microbusiness Everyday Dragons is my microbusiness blog focusing on developing an income stream from all things creative. [was EverydayDragons.com]
View from the Molehill - Ramblings View From the Molehill is my personal blog in which I ramble about random things.
Code Kitteh - Coding, Webpage Design Code Kitteh is my website blog focusing on wordpress and PHP coding, website design and management. [was Martha.net]

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