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I work a traditional desk job, so I can only talk to folks outside of work. That being said, please pick a contact method below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Quick Sum-Up

  1. Comment on a post
  2. Post to the wall on Facebook
  3. Message me through Etsy
  4. Email me at Martha.Bechtel @
  5. PM me through Model Horse Blab
  6. Tweet me at @MarthaBechtel
  7. Snail Mail

Online Methods

These should be the easiest way to get ahold of me, since I can check them from my phone at lunch.

This Website

Drop a comment on this page or your custom model’s In-Progress post. If you don’t want to leave details, just say ‘Hey Martha, email me!’ and I’ll get back to you asap. (Please don’t leave your contact details in comments, since there are plenty of spambots out there who would love to snag them!)


Feel free to post to the business page‘s wall or comment on a status update. Because of the joys of the ‘Other’ mailbox, please don’t send me Facebook messages since they are automatically hidden and I forget they are there. *mutters unkind things about FB programmers*


You can message me through the Etsy store now as well! (Although it’s still under construction, so mind the mess.)

Email (take out the spaces)

Martha.Bechtel @

The Model Horse Blab

You can send me a PM through the Blab, if you are member. If you aren’t a member, I don’t think this will work (sorry!).

Offline Methods

Want to write me a letter, send me a donation to paint, or send some other random RL item from your house to mine? Then pop it in the mail below. (I am planning on checking the box Mondays and Thursdays, so if it’s time sensitive, please let me know it’s coming!)

PLEASE DO NOT SEND DONATIONS WITHOUT ASKING! While I am more than happy to donate finish work to non-profits and live shows, I need to make sure I can fit them into my schedule– so please ask before sending me anything to paint. Unless you are Our Mims, who has carte blanche for 2012.

Snail Mail

Martha Bechtel
PO Box 15406
Newport News, VA 23608

What, No Phone Number?

I can’t take business calls at work (see above: Day Job). Thus I figure it’s easier for folks to leave a written message than talk to my voicemail. If you really need to talk to me, just send me a message through one of the avenues above and I’ll give you a call.

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