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These are posts regarding the finished (or in-progress) customized plaster, resin, wooden, or metal magnets.

Fat Dolphin #001-003

By | November 14, 2017
Fat Dolphins #001-003

Fat Dolphins #001-003

Behold the majesty of the sea!

These little guys were part of the ’round 2′ in the Fat Animal Magnet Christmas present lineup and I can’t remember if I made them or the Orcas first. (This is why I really shouldn’t wait a year to do posts! *facepalm*)

This was another sculpture that ended up needing some epoxy work after casting. For some reason the tips of the tails just didn’t want to cast, no matter how much I tried to de-air-bubble them. Hopefully once the second round of sculpting is done on it the new mold will be a bit better. 🙂


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Fat MinPin #001-003

By | November 2, 2017
Fat MinPins #001-003

Fat MinPins #001-003

I had a blast last year making the Fat Animal Magnet as Christmas presents, but it’s taken me forever and a day to finish getting them all up on the blog. That’s what I get for painting 50ish things at a time, I suppose! 😉

Anywho, these cute little doggos were done as a portrait of a friend’s miniature pinscher. They have cropped ears and a docked tail, but I’ve got another natural version half-done. It’s a little alarming how many ‘new’ Fat Animals are still waiting in the wings…

I need to stop casting new ones and just finish up the ones I have!

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Fat Songbirds #001-003

By | October 26, 2017
Fat Animal Magnets Fat Songbirds #001-003

Fat Songbirds #001-003

It’s been almost a year to the day to when I first painted these little guys! I really need to catch up on my blog entries… 😉

Back when I was first dreaming up the Fat Animal Magnet as last year’s Christmas presents, I was planning on just doing these little songbirds. But once I started playing around with the idea of Fat Animals… it snowballed from there!

Still, these guys were some of my favorites and I was a little torn on what species to pick when it came time to paint them. There are a lot of songbirds that will work with this general shape, although I really want to do a variation so I can have a fat Bluejays and Cardinals later.

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Simple Horse Head Sculpture [Gallery]

By | August 25, 2017
Simple Horse Heads

Rainbows of Equine Abstraction!

Of all the plaster casting galleries, this one was the hardest to sort out. I didn’t keep the best records for these guys so the numbering is based on when they appeared in my phosts and is  approximate at best.

This was the very first ‘large’ horse head that I sculpted. I used it as a test in all of my molding and casting experiments. It was simple and stylized in order to make that casting as simple as possible and was made without using any references. It’s an unfiltered glimpse into what my brain thinks horses should look like! 😉

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #006

By | August 15, 2017
Wooden Dolphin #006

Wooden Dolphin #006

Some dolphins hang out in the deep blue sea, but this little gal is chilling along the shore!

Unlike her fantasy-flavored cousins this little landscape dolphin is all about bringing a bit of calm to your office or kitchen (or other magnet-friendly abode).

So sit back, relax, and let the beach hold up those important papers while you take five… or maybe twenty.

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Flat Cat Head Sculpture [Gallery]

By | August 10, 2017
Flat Cats on a Calendar

Flat Cats, Assemble!

I sculpted the original flat cat head back in August of 2015, but I didn’t get around to painting any of them until December, because lo, I got a little carried away with my plaster casting! 😉

But once I got going with these little guys it was hard to stop. The form lends itself to a more abstract cat design and my muses are still trying to figure out the best way to decorate them.

Onwards to the gallery! (Last Updated: 08/08/2017)

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #005

By | August 8, 2017
Wooden Dolphin Magnet 005

Wooden Dolphin Magnet #005

Reflections on water or spider webbing in turquoise… the patterns were so similar I couldn’t help but play around!

This handsome gal is the result of my attempts to learn how to paint a faux version of Battle Mountain turquoise. I fell in love with the bronze and gold highlights in the rock and was trying to see if I could create a pattern that had very small chunks of the turquoise in it.

But as I painted I realised how much it looked like water… and it went from a faux attempt to fun experimentation.

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Santa Hippo!

By | August 1, 2017
Santa Hippo

Santa Hippo

Hippos with Santa hats were a thing I didn’t know I needed (even with I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas) until I got a custom request for one! 🙂

It took me a few tries to get the hat to come out just right, but now that I look at the festive little guy, I really want to make some more. And maybe add some Christmas lights looped around his neck and trailing off…

…But that will have to wait until I resculpt the master hippo, for lo my dog chewed his little head off. *sighs* Continue reading

Wooden Dolphin Magnet #003

By | July 26, 2017
Wooden Dolphin #003 - Metallic Green-Blue-Purple

Wooden Dolphin #003 – Metallic Green-Blue-Purple

And lo, upon the waves rode a rainbow of dolphin awesomeness!

Well okay, more like half a rainbow, give or take. (The awesome half, of course 😉 ).

I’ve been pretty much addicted to this color combination ever since I tried it out on the Pimped Rides Live model horse donation piece. As soon as I started playing around with the dolphins, I knew it was one I had to try out.

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #002

By | July 18, 2017

Some fantasy dolphins love to stand out, but this little guy is all about blending into the oceans deep. With a marbled flow of the currents and the splash of seafoam white his impression of a wave has everyone fooled!

An almost-twin to Dolphin #001, his pattern is modeled after the Dusky Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus). These svelte mammals normally come in black, grey and white, but where’s the fun in that?

So instead of monotone, I painted him in amusingly ocean themed acrylics (Island Blue, Sailing Sky, and Ocean Breeze). His back is a less nautical black, but like a tux it makes him look quite dashing in a crowd.

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