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This category deals with the joys of hammering together a Wordpress based website. It may also wander off into other coding adventures, but for the moment it’s all CSS, Themeing, traffic management, and blog design.

Bringing Back a Bit of the Past

By | February 12, 2017
From Ages Past

From Ages Past

I’ve really been missing the of ‘Days of Ages Past‘ chunk of code that used to be on the page. The ‘related posts’ are fun… but there’s something about looking backwards in time that’s addicting. (Which is probably why Facebook and Google are chasing the same idea.)

But when I went to cut and paste in the code into single.php… it didn’t work.

And that means, it’s adventuring time! 😀

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Blurry WordPress Images (or: Darnit Photon!)

By | January 24, 2017
Blurry WordPress Images

In Post (Top) vs. In Edit (Bottom)

I’ve been frustrated for a while (after swapping to the Iconic One theme) with some images appearing blurred. For most websites this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but since I post art it was causing me no end of headaches.

After some less than useful Googling and research into the zoom and resize tags I finally figured it out!

Rassum-frassum Jetpack Photon!  (“Speed up images and photos.” HA.)

Apparently that was also the reason that some of my images showed up broken every so often. That’s on me for not paying more attention to what it really was and all its known issues before I turned it on… but RAR!

So I turned that off and it looks like that was enough to clean things up.

TL;DR: If you are seeing blurry images on a WordPress page and the images look just fine in the Edit Post screen… Photon is why!

Category K.I.S.S.

By | January 22, 2017

I’m starting to look at the overall organization of the blog again because Google Analytics is showing that a lot of folks are single-page visitors (average pages per session is 1.85). I’d love to get them to hang around a bit longer… and that means rearranging the blog a bit.

So I sat back, and tried to put myself in the mindset of someone who had never seen the blog before. Let’s say I found my way here through Pinterest or a forum link… how would I find other things to read?

We’re ignoring the header bar, since I have that pretty much where I want it, so the next place I look when surfing blogs is the sidebar.

The first, very obvious thing that I realized was that my Categories only make sense to me. The main category names are holdovers from when the blog was a million little blogs. But since I’ve retired all of those old domain names, it seems a little odd to hold onto the remnants.

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Into the Abyss!

By | December 21, 2016
2017 Blogging Schedule

2017 Blogging Schedule

Remember when I said I was going to sit down and put some thought into what this blog was going look like in 2017? Well I did! 😀

It was accidental organization… I had to do something while I was waiting for the paint to dry on my small army of Fat Animal Magnets. (Christmas gifts, I can haz!)

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Re-Theming the World (of Marthacraft)

By | September 19, 2016
Blog Cascade


Much like spring cleaning theme changes are pretty much a way of life for me. I gone from Mystique to Boilerplate to Twenty Fourteen and now to Iconic One in search of a perfect format.

So far I’m liking Iconic One quite a bit, although one of the first things I had to do was tweak the white space and the font. I always try to make the stories easy on the eyes and Ubuntu is not the friendliest font. I’m keeping it for the headers, but it’s back to Lato for the body. *tinkers*

Of course this means I really should go back and make a proper Childtheme, so I don’t have to recustomize the blog every time there is an update, but… I might just go grab Simple Custom CSS instead.

Anywho, if you see anything misformatted or missing in the new template, please let me know! 🙂

Advertising, Rethinking Sidebars, and Other Fancy Stuff

By | March 17, 2016

Code Kitteh Icon 300x300

As always.. the Code Kitteh nometh and the blog evolves!

I’m back to tinkering around with the blog layout because a) it’s Spring and b) I haven’t done that in a bit. Which means proper Childtheme’ing, possibly playing around with some alternate layouts– all the normal shenanigans.

You may have noticed there are now a few Google AdSense adds scattered about the blog. The point is to have them there in case a useful add pops up (they do exist!), but not obnoxious enough that you want to stop reading. I’m still tweaking them so they don’t annoy me, and since I’m an AdBlock addict I figure I’m not a bad metric to use. 😉

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The Day the Blog Turned Five…

By | June 23, 2015
Blog Cascade


Well technically the megablog turns five today, but the soul of this blog has been around for closer to ten years if you count all of it’s various incarnations.

I am still not really sure what I’m doing, but such is the way of most personal blogs. (Even if my blog makes the occasional stab at being something more professional.) We ramble, we shift topics and trends as the whim arises, we are mercurial folks with mercurial blogs and that isn’t such a bad thing.

Or at least it’s an amusing thing! (I hope)

Looking back over the 2,000+ posts of yesteryore there has been a lot of art, a lot of writing, and a lot of starting over in the hope that Being An Adult would get easier on the 18765723th try.

I was thinking of making another dramatic pronouncement of yet another Quest for The Holy Grail Adulthood, but then I thought better of it.

So in the grand tradition of Blogs-Written-By-This-Specific-Martha And-Not-Stewart-Or-Washington-Although-I-Doubt-Washington-Would Have-A-Blog-Hmm-I-Should-Google-That I shall continue to commit art and spin stories and have the best intentions of posting regularly (but probably fail)!

And someday, hopefully, I will write another post as Google magnetic as Making a 100% Silicone Caulk Mold or And the Number of the Counting Shall Be Six… maybe. 😉

Twenty Fourteen Theme Tweaking (aka Death to Whitespace!)

By | May 27, 2015
Twenty Fourteen Theme Default Look

Twenty Fourteen Theme Default Look

WordPress upgraded the other day and with 4.1 came upgrades to the themes. …And like a dummy I forgot I hadn’t made my changes in a childtheme, so I upgraded without making a backup of Stylesheet (style.css) and lost all my tweaks.

So I had to go back and hunt down the changes I made, saved here for posterity (and if anyone else needed them).

  • How to Resize the Content
  • How to Fix the Image Alignment Issues after Resizing the Content
  • How to Reduce the Whitespace in the Content

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The Devil’s in the Details

By | November 24, 2014
Analytics Whoops!

Analytics Whoops!

In a moment of goofing off from NaNoWriMo I decided to take a look at what my website traffic has been doing since I turned off comments. I was hoping to thwart the spammers, which should have lead to a downturn… but not quite as drastic a one as I found.

Thankfully it was an obvious and easy fix.

When I swapped my theme from the Boilerplate to Twenty Fourteen I forgot to turn the Google Analytics plugin back on (I’d had it hardcoded into my custom header). So everything since November 8th is now a nice little dead zone in my reports.

With that hiccup, it looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer to see if there’s actually been a change. But on a good note, it means I can try and focus in on what sort of traffic I want to see and how to get it! *dusts off her researching tools*


DeTheming and other Fancy Things

By | November 6, 2014
Code Code Code

Code Code Code

As part of my push to simplify the blog I’ve decided to put aside my custom Boilerplate childtheme (due to the fact WordPress was stupid and I can’t get it updated easily anymore.)

Of course that also means I have to go back in and start either tweaking my site and content to fit the theme or the theme to fit me… I’m waffling a bit on which way to go. *pokes Twenty Fourteen*

For now I’m working on ‘tweak me to fit the theme’, but that may change.

In the meantime, apologies for the construction dust! 🙂