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Customised Model Horses

Adventures in Aluminium Lost Wax Casting (Part I)

Plaster Molds after the wax was removed
Plaster Molds after the wax was removed

A friend of mind built a DIY forge to melt aluminum cans and play with casting things. They didn’t mind if I played along… but to cast aluminum you need sand and plaster molds. Thankfully that’s something right up my alley!

Or at least in the same neighborhood. 😉

Previously I’ve made plaster positive casts from 100% Silicone Caulk molds,  but these would need to be negative casts, so I decided it was time to play with lost wax casting.

As always, click for much larger photos! Continue reading Adventures in Aluminium Lost Wax Casting (Part I)

Stablemate Photography

A Simple Studio Setup
A Simple Studio Setup

I’ve been meaning to translate my Facebook Gallery about Model Horse Photography Basics into a proper blog post for a while now… marry that up to my vow of finishing draft posts and here it is!

This post is about the various settings I use to photograph model horses in 1:32 (Breyer Stalemate) scale and smaller. The same things can be used for larger scales with a few tweaks. This post doesn’t cover image editing, white balances, etc. just Av, F-stops, and ISOs!

The Basics

  • F# Lens Aperture, F# (F5 -> F32)
    smaller number = more light, larger number = more depth of field
  • Av Shutter Speed, 1/x (1/15 -> 4)
    larger number = more light
  • ISO Film Speed, ISO (100 -> 1600)
    larger number = more grainy, more light

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If Horses Were Wishes

Packing is not my forte...
Packing is not my forte…

Moving to the new house meant packing up my art desk… and then unpacking it again, and again, and again. I may possibly have a small art hording issue, but art is like books right? It’s a library not a horde? 😉

But unpacking has also forced me to catalog all of the projects I started doing and then stopped. There are horses in the midst of resculpting and horses in the midst of painting, all trapped in an event horizon composed of other shinier projects. Sometimes more than halfway done, sometimes less– but all of them sitting in incomplete lumps.

So I’ve decided the rest of this year will be restricted to commissions and completing old projects. I’m not going to touch anything that I haven’t already made some sort of progress on. I was going to make a list, but even that got depressing once I started realizing just how much I have.

There are entire boxes of bodies that I haven’t brought myself to crack open yet, just because the horde herd is so large.

But every new day is a new beginning and I’m going to try and start burning through the backlog. (And at some point design and build a display cabinet for the resulting Etsy residents.) I’ve found I spend a lot of time talking about doing things and not really doing them, so this will be the last post that doesn’t include workbench photos.

…so here’s a photo to tide you over! 😉

The Hacked Up Herd
The Hacked Up Herd

Portrait Horse: Vincent

Vincent - Thumbnail

There is something addictively awesome about taking someone else’s art and making it come to life on a horse!

This little guy is Vincent and is drawn by the talented ContinuingLegacy (Izzy). Because I was working with an artist it made it a breeze to collaborate the sculpt and painting, since they could do sketch overlays on photos of the actual model.

But since this work was such a back and forth between me and the artist, I took a lot of photos. A lot. (Just shy of a thousand.) So when it came time to make this post I had a hard time weeding it down. If you want to see even more photos, please check out Vincent’s Facebook Album over on my page! :) Continue reading Portrait Horse: Vincent

All the King’s Horses…

Lately I’ve been bad about posting horses as they’ve been finished.

Really bad.

Really really bad.

4-H Show Donation - Thumbnail Vincent - Thumbnail Christmas Ornaments - Thumbnails

On the one hand this means I have a whole handful of posts that are roughly 50% complete (as well as a bunch of how-to’s that aren’t anywhere near that far done), but on the other hand it means there is the potential for MASSIVE PHOTO SPAM.

I am pretty fond of horse photo spam, but I also want to try and get back into the habit of writing non-horse posts. I failed pretty hard at the last Camp NaNoWriMo and that’s making me itchy to get back into my fictional head-space.

Rhymer - Thumbnail Custom Order - Thumbnail MOM Live 2015 Show Donation - Thumbnail

So while I’m currently in a frenzy of finishing all the draft posts, I’m not going to unload them in an avalanche of horse-flavored goodness. Instead I’ve decided to limit myself to posting the Work-in-Progress ramblings over on my Facebook page and only blog posting one finished horse or How-To per week. At this rate I probably won’t be caught up again until August, but it should be a much smoother ride.

But it should at least be a pretty one! 😉

Coal Miner's Chrome - Left Two-bit Tinker - Thumbnail Bay and Black Draft heads - small

How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

Stained and Aged Craft Wood
Stained and Aged Craft Wood – Have at thee!

This is a continuation of the previous post on how to make Model Horse Fencing, which itself was a continuation of the how to make Model Horse Display Bases. I think I’m starting a theme here! 😉

You would think with all the scale model hobbies out there that finding instructions on how to age scale wood fences would be easy… but not so much! I found plenty of articles on how to age normal wood, but when you are working with balsa wood and basswood, the pickings are pretty slim.

These are the best of the bunch:

So below are my experiments on turning the basic basswood and balsa wood planks into something a bit more weathered. Continue reading How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

Live from the Workbench

Live from the Workbench 01-04-2014
Live from the Workbench 01-04-2014

It’s four days into 2015 and I have a BUNCH of custom orders already! (None of which are in this photo, sadly). I’m ecstatic and a little overawed, gotta tell ya, but I’m raring to go!

So I’ve been getting my Muses in gear by trying to finish up some old works before I start in on the new ones. The two draft horse heads are two of the three attempts to cast this one in plaster (the third broke coming out of the mold and needs additional repair). They came out okay, but not great– I think I’m going to stick to casting this one in resin only.

The three small horse heads are going to be a trio of metallics and for sale as a set when they are done. I’m experimenting with smaller lot sizes and premades for the magnets to see if they sell better than the custom slots. *crosses fingers*

The Mini Whinnie is… well, I’m not sure yet. She’s been on the workbench for quite a while and I’m not sure if she’s meant for chrome or not. I think she’s just going to get a nice dappling, but we’ll see what the week brings.

Incoming custom orders are: G3 Highland Pony (Silver Bay), G3 Warmblood Jumper (4-H Theme), G3 Tennessee Walker (American Spirit Theme), G1 Thoroughbred (Gold Tobiano), and Big Ben (unknown). Gonna be a blast to paint these guys! :)