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Customised Model Horses

How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

Stained and Aged Craft Wood
Stained and Aged Craft Wood – Have at thee!

This is a continuation of the previous post on how to make Model Horse Fencing, which itself was a continuation of the how to make Model Horse Display Bases. I think I’m starting a theme here! 😉

You would think with all the scale model hobbies out there that finding instructions on how to age scale wood fences would be easy… but not so much! I found plenty of articles on how to age normal wood, but when you are working with balsa wood and basswood, the pickings are pretty slim.

These are the best of the bunch:

So below are my experiments on turning the basic basswood and balsa wood planks into something a bit more weathered. Continue reading How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

Live from the Workbench

Live from the Workbench 01-04-2014
Live from the Workbench 01-04-2014

It’s four days into 2015 and I have a BUNCH of custom orders already! (None of which are in this photo, sadly). I’m ecstatic and a little overawed, gotta tell ya, but I’m raring to go!

So I’ve been getting my Muses in gear by trying to finish up some old works before I start in on the new ones. The two draft horse heads are two of the three attempts to cast this one in plaster (the third broke coming out of the mold and needs additional repair). They came out okay, but not great– I think I’m going to stick to casting this one in resin only.

The three small horse heads are going to be a trio of metallics and for sale as a set when they are done. I’m experimenting with smaller lot sizes and premades for the magnets to see if they sell better than the custom slots. *crosses fingers*

The Mini Whinnie is… well, I’m not sure yet. She’s been on the workbench for quite a while and I’m not sure if she’s meant for chrome or not. I think she’s just going to get a nice dappling, but we’ll see what the week brings.

Incoming custom orders are: G3 Highland Pony (Silver Bay), G3 Warmblood Jumper (4-H Theme), G3 Tennessee Walker (American Spirit Theme), G1 Thoroughbred (Gold Tobiano), and Big Ben (unknown). Gonna be a blast to paint these guys! :)

2015 Stablemate Body Box

Let's Get Painting!
Let’s Get Painting!

This information is accurate as of 01/02/2015.

The photos here are from the body box horses, but do not represent the condition of all horses sharing that mold. As you can see from the pics below the condition ranges from new out of packaging all the way down to ‘strip the paint and try again’.

Any of these horses are available for purchase in combination with a custom paint job. If you are looking to purchase them individually, please drop me a convo on my Etsy shop.

Continue reading 2015 Stablemate Body Box

How to make 1:32 Scale Model Horse Fencing

Four Kinds of Stablemate Fencing
Four Kinds of Stablemate Fencing

In the last ‘Let’s Build Something!’ post I showed you how to make and repair grass bases for your Stablemate (1:32) scale models. Now it’s time to add some fencing to that setup.

This post will cover how to make multiple kinds of wooden and faux-PVC fencing. I’ll have another post up in a week or so that will cover wire and arena fencing.

On a scale of one-to-‘Ack, my finger!’ this is on the easy end of things. It does take some practice to get everything to line up, but that’s more careful planning and less rocket science.

As always, click for larger photos! :) Continue reading How to make 1:32 Scale Model Horse Fencing

McLaughlin’s Midnight Dancer

McLaughlin's Midnight Dancer
McLaughlin’s Midnight Dancer

Once upon a time there was a lonely G1 Stablemate Morgan Stallion who wandered eBay in search of a home. He was mint his owner said, he was in excellent shape! And lo, he was sold to the highest bidder and trotted off his new home.

Only he wasn’t mint, and he wasn’t in good condition, and his new owner was bummed.

And lo, he was bummed, for he had thought himself a most handsome horse.

But all was not lost, because scratches and black marks and slightly warping are still not enough to turn this old gentleman into a dud. So his owner shipped him off to me for a bit of sprucing up!

Thus follows the story of Dancer, who was a ‘simple’ black custom the drove me happily nuts with his seams and his refusal to take good photos… Continue reading McLaughlin’s Midnight Dancer

Building a Stablemate Grass Display Base

Turf Madness!
Turf Madness!

This is the companion page to the Model Horse Bases listings I’ve now got up on Etsy. This post covers the basics of creating (and repairing!) the simple grass bases. I’ll do some other ones later that cover making the fencing and doing more complex ground cover (sand, shrubs, water, sawdust, mud, etc.) :)

These bases can be used for just adding a bit of pizzaz to a normal display shelf or they can be used in model horse photo showing. Live showing doesn’t use bases unless you are doing a performance entry, so they aren’t as much use there.

On a scale of ‘very easy’ to ‘medical attention may be required’, this is in the ‘very easy’ end of things. Continue reading Building a Stablemate Grass Display Base

Casting in Silicone molds using Plaster of Paris and Wood Glue

Messy is Good!
Messy is Good!

At last, the casting post (that isn’t Hot Glue) is upon us!

As you probably guessed from my Making a 100% Silicone Caulk Mold and the follow-up post, I’ve been happily dabbling in the world of ‘making art desks messy’ for a few weeks now.

As I mentioned in the earlier posts, I’m focusing in on the cheaper casting methods right now because I’m still in the learning curve. I’m not willing to waste a $20 resin kit, but I’m sure as heck willing to play with a $5 bucket of Plaster of Paris.

So time to share what I’ve learned… *rolls up sleeves* Continue reading Casting in Silicone molds using Plaster of Paris and Wood Glue