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Sleeping Corgi (Corgiloaf) Sculpture

Corgiloaf Magnets
Corgiloaf Magnets

Back when I started sculpting shapes to try aluminum casting I tried to make very simple ones… hence the corgiloaf! (aka Sleeping Superman-pose Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

Although it was intended for metal I ended up using this mold to cast a few plaster and wood glue magnets. There’s just too much cute in this little guy/gal to let them waiting in the shadows for me to get my smelter rebuilt!

I started out painting them in non-Pembroke colors, because of my fondness for Cardigans and their multitudes. However when it came time to list them to the Etsy store for real, I resigned myself to only a few mismarked souls.

Onwards to the gallery! (Last Updated: 04/13/2016)

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Live From the Workbench

There's a desk under there somewhere...
There’s a desk under there somewhere…

Whew, it’s been awhile again!

Someday I’ll get the hang of these ‘same day updates’… I wish I could prewrite these like I do the Saturday Story Prompts, but it seems a little silly when I call them ‘Live’ right in the title. 😉

Anywho… time to roll back the curtain and clear off the desk enough to run down all the projects that have ended up on the Workbench this week!

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Partial Eclipse

Partial Eclipse - Left
Partial Eclipse

This little gal has been hanging out in my body box for a loooong time…

Every so often I will buy bulk lots of stablemates off of eBay and that’s where this little gal came from. Eclipse was half-painted and prepped with what I think was automotive primer. Other (saner) folks might have let her go as a casualty of war, but I wasn’t about to give up the fight!

So after several baths of  Easy Off, scrubs with a toothbrush, and many a long battle with sandpaper, she was ready for paint again. I prepped her as best I could, but she’s just too rough in places to do much beyond hold sway over a bookshelf herd. So no Photo Shows or Live Shows for this gal, alas.

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How to Prep a Breyer Mini Whinnie

Prepping Breyer Mini Whinnies
Prepping Breyer Mini Whinnies

There’s nothing quite as much fun as opening a Breyer Mini Whinnie Surprise blind bag and seeing what pops out!

Well, okay, I fib– most of the fun is finding out which unsuspecting body I get to paint. Mwahahaha! 😉

But preparing a Mini for paint isn’t the same as prepping a Stablemate (or larger scale). These guys have a few weird quirks of their own. Since I wasn’t finding much info online when I searched I figured I should get off my duff and put a page together…

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Jane of Aces

Jane of Aces - Right
Jane of Aces

She might be a simple brown horse, but this little gal is no Plain Jane. As a filly she always dreamed of flying and if you give her a pasture to run in and she’ll show you her dog fighting moves!

This little gal is named after the flying aces of old, although she’s got more in common with Snoopy than the real Red Baron. If you have a work desk or a bookshelf in dire need equine daydreams, then look no further, this little gal is here to save the day!

Jane is a rich medium bay with only a small stripe on her forehead and snip on her nose. Her Breyer logo was removed and seams sanded, but nothing else was done to the mold.  Jane has realistic glossed eyes and uncarved hooves. She is one of my attempts at painting horses using only acrylic craft paints, so no pastels here… although I did stoop to using colored pencils to detail her hooves.

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Sleeping Cat (Kittenloaf) Sculpture [Gallery]

Popping the wax mold out of the plaster
Wax Cats and Sand Plaster Molds

Back when I started sculpting shapes to try aluminum casting with I did a simple cat and a simple dog… you can guess which one this is!

Although it was intended for metal I ended up using this mold to figure out the perfect ratio for my plaster and wood glue mixture.  That means I’ve got a lot of bodies to paint and a lot of cats headed to the Etsy store (or as gift for folks with american shorthairs.)

In retrospect, now that I have a cat again (good old President Taft!), the head is a little too big compared to the body, but it still looks okay. I think I’ll do a sitting one in the future, using Taft as a model.

Onwards to the gallery! (Last Updated: 03/09/2016)

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Live From the Workbench!

Live From the Workbench 03-02-2016
President Taft does a surprise inspection of the workbench…

The weather is starting to warm up which means I can finally do some spray sealing again! (Although, per conversation on the Model Horse Customizers Facebook group, I might be able to spray in ninja runs out the door even if it’s cold and rainy.) That’s good news for the two realistic thoroughbreds that have been idling on the workbench for the past few weeks.

But my problem right now isn’t finishing things, it’s getting them photographed and up on Etsy! The more I unpack and put things away, the more things I find that I’d forgotten about. The pile in the photo below is all of the pieces that are ready (or a single step from ready) to post… that I just haven’t gotten around to.

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