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I’ve moved from a true microbusiness to a hobby, but I’m still having fun crunching numbers to find material costs, looking into various marketing ideas, and other things business related. Older posts deal with taxes, and who knows, maybe in the future I’ll start the business up again!

Costing out Ground/Trail/Jump Poles and Cavaletti

By | December 30, 2016
Costing out Stablemate (1:32) Scale Cavaletti and Ground Poles

Costing out Cavaletti and Ground Poles

I’m trying to round out the Etsy store a bit, so I figure it was time to get the rest of the props ready to list… and right now that’s just the poles and cavaletti!

Which means I really need to start thinking of new props to try and build in 2017. *ponders*


I’ve gone over the steps of how to make Stablemate scale ground/trail/jump poles and cavaletti in an earlier posts, so all I’m doing here is a rundown on what materials are used and how much they cost. If you’ve read other ‘Materials Cost’ tag posts, you’ll know the drill. 😉

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Costing out Display Bases and Removable Fencing

By | March 11, 2016
Model Horse Removable Fencing

A fence for all seasons…

I’ve been slowly working my way through the items that are finished and need material costing before they can be listed to the Etsy store. Today’s victim– err, volunteer is the display bases and optional fencing!

I’ve gone over the steps of how to make the bases and how to make the fencing in earlier posts, so all I’m doing here is a rundown on what materials are used and how much they cost.

Once this is done I can finally get both the finished and custom order bases up and running! 🙂

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The Mini Whinnie Condunrum

By | February 23, 2016
Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 2 Pulling Draft Horse

Pulling Draft Horse

I love painting Mini Whinnies and have a small army of them in the body box waiting for new colors. But as always my fear of ‘painting the LAST one’ has kicked in and now I’m trying to confirm that I can replace anything I customize.

Times have changed since I last stocked the body box and Breyer Mini Whinnies are only available via the blind bag Surprise Series. This makes them both crazy expensive (compared to the old offerings) and impossible to tell what you are going to get. Looking at this year’s series and last year’s series it seems that only five of the adult molds are going to be available each year.


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Costing out the Plaster Magnets

By | January 28, 2016
Averaging Plaster Weights

Averaging Plaster Weights

Now that I have figured out the perfect mix to use when I’m making plaster magnets, it’s time to start figuring out their actual costs so I can get all the prices in the Etsy store updated! 🙂

Per my plaster mix experiment post 20ml plaster = $0.28

Since most of my magnets are tiny, my attempts at measuring how many ml of mix went into each were a dismal failure. So instead, I went with an average weight.

I piled a bunch of the casts onto a postal scale and then calculated the average. Once I’ve worked through all the bodies I have, I’ll make a few 10 item batches of each small mold to measure how many ml are used.

The kittenloaf used 20ml and the average weight is 0.7oz, so I’m using a 1oz = $0.40.

Magnets will be added as I work out the costs, so not all of them will appear here at first…

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Safari Ltd. Body Costs

By | January 13, 2016
Safari Toob Ponies

Safari Toob Ponies

On the same theme as the Breyer Stablemate body cost list, I’ve started tracking the various Safari Ltd body costs. I’m focusing mainly on the horses (of course), but there will be the occasional non-equine that sneak onto the list.

The world needs purple sparklewolves just as much as it needs blue horses, goldarnit! 😉

While I buy most of my bodies from Michael’s (because I have zero impulse control), I’ve use the Safari Ltd. website for pricing. I’ll double-check the next time I pick up some bodies and note if there is a difference, but I think they are about the same.

So behold, yet another public Google Docs spreadsheet!