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Solo’ing Solo-Cats

Ashella Scenery TallI am the cat that walks alone.

But as all places are alike to me… I sort of wish I had a guild. I’m not looking to raid seriously, or become The Most Excellent Cat of Excellence, but it would be fun to have someone to chat with as I ran around killing things.

And maybe run dungeons with. *eyes her completely useless healing spec* Because I can’t bring myself to try a random with a healer, I get enough headache just being a DPS and not knowing what I’m doing.

I can’t get better without practice, but when I try and practice I get insulted because I’m not better. This is like an entry level job with a three year time-in-grade requirement! :p

I want guildies I can make stupid mistakes with and get gleefully mocked not insulted (there is totally a difference).

Alas, I haven’t been able to lure my coworkers into playing WoW, but it does look like we’ll be heading back into Final Fantasy at some point. Which means I’ll get back my snarky dungeon smartassery quota I’ve been missing. (Quotia isn’t a word? I could have sworn it was a word. Weird.)

Which means my soloing will continue, I suppose.

*heads off to finish getting to 100 so she feels less behind when the new expansion drops*

It’s All About the Bag, ‘Bout the Bags (no Toy Box)

Old bags, full of Old tricks
Old bags, full of Old tricks

So far my progress with my main has been… well, progress.

I’ve been slowly making my way through the zones trying very hard to not skip anything before moving on. I’m up to level 95 (yay!) and slowly learning how to deal with Garrisons. And trapping. And mining. And, and, and… gah!

I really should have tried to keep my nose to the grindstone last expansion, I’m getting a little tired of the ‘no time left and everything to do’ mode. :p

But the bag space issue finally drove me to the point of spending gold to make the headache go away (which I hate!). Even with moving everything I could into my personal bank and into my vanity guild bank I was still annoyingly close to maxing out my carry space.

New Bags, MOAR GEAR!
New Bags, MOAR GEAR!

I am a packrat, I embrace that, but I was under the very dimwitted impression that having a toy box would have helped a lot. Sadly, I did not have as many toys as I thought.

That said I am really looking forward to the wardrobe management come next expansion! I’m not ready to trust the ‘everything you ever earned will show up’, so I don’t want to get rid of gear until then.

Which meant buying bags…

And spending gold…

And ended with one really broke Kitteh.

But hey, at least I’m not just a pair of smoking boots? MOOD WHIPLASH PPLS, I HAZ IT.

Ooookay then Mr Boots
Ooookay then Mr. Boots

Go Cat, Go!

Well it's about time...
Well it’s about time…

Soo… yeah.  Better late than never, eh? ^_~;

Thanks to the recent Nerd Fitness Assassin’s guild mini-challenge I’ve been getting back into the swing of things in Azeroth. Which means I might actually hit level 100 sometime this year… (I’m assuming anyway. I have no idea how long it will take to level anymore.)

I’ve mostly figured out how the Garrisons work again (although I need to re-read the Wowhead guide figure out how to get to Level 2) and I’ve started moving forward in the quest-line. I’m trying to be obsessive about doing every single last quest in an area so I don’t have to come back later.

The last thing I did before log off was head back to the bank so I can get rid of all this random stuff I’ve picked up. (I think my bank & vanity guild bank are full, but I’m holding out hope. *crosses fingers*)

Killer Bunnies of DOOM! I’ve actually been really enjoying the story lines, although it’s a bit of mood whiplash to go from watching people die in cut-scenes to being followed around by a pack of helpful killer bunnies… o_O;

To be fair, I really really enjoyed the killer bunnies… they should be summonable minions. For reasons.

Back to the grindstone!

A Druid By Any Other Form…

Level 91 and so far behind...
Level 91 and so far behind…

…would still end up being a cat, if I’m playing it. Most of the time at least.

I am really truly for serious going to get back into playing WoW daily so I can properly revive the World of Treadcraft. On that note I’ve been logging in and taking a look at what I have to play with… and it’s all coming up druids!

I do have other classes in my gallery of alts, but I have at least one druid of every race and at least one of all four main classes (although I love feral). Only one is anywhere near level cap, but I’ve made decent progress with the rest over the years. I know there will probably be a metric ton of changes when Legion hits, but if I’m going to try and rekindle my love of the game, it looks like I’ll be doing it on four paws.

So time to log into my main and pick another achievement to chase… Good gravy I’m running behind on this expansion. o_O;

*dusts off treadmill* Back to Azeroth! 🙂

Inkpaw Bearform

Pouncecat on an Elevator

New Server Same-ish Cat

Ashfallen Feral Druid

Stonetooth Feral Druid

Pattern and Recognition
Pattern and Recognition


Building a Treadmill Gaming Rig

2016 Treadmill Gaming World of Warcraft
Treadmill Gaming, Rebuilding a Habit!

Playing computer games while walking on a treadmill is one of the few weird skillsets that I’m proud of developing over the years. Thanks to Nerd Fitness and their 4 week challenges, I’m finally getting up off my duff and playing again! 🙂

My old gaming treadmill setup worked fine in the old house, but in the new house things are arranged a little differently and I hit the added hump of having two people who are going to be using the treadmill… of drastically different heights.

So a simple shelf on a wall with some wooden shims wasn’t going to cut it this time. (To be fair, it was never a very good setup last time either, I could never get the angle quite right).

With that in mind, I worked out a way to combine an Ikea bookshelf and a desk-mounted monitor swivel arm into the perfect adjustable setup!

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Long Time, No WoW

Here we go a'Druiding...
Here we go a’Druiding… with DANCE!

It’s a new year, a newly repaired treadmill, and time to return to the lands of Azeroth!

…Well, to be honest I was going to renew my sub once the whole gaming rig was back up, but some friends wanted to play early so… yeah.

They wanted to play Horde, so Shandris is was! In theory we were all starting new toons so we could relearn how to play (they’ve been gone a while longer than I have). Since I already had a Troll druid on Shandris, I figured it was time for a Tauren. 🙂

So I suppose this means I should start a series on How to Low Level Cat. *ponders*

But first I need to see if Curse is still out there, because it doesn’t seem to be installed on my computer anymore (weird!) and  play catch-up with all the WoW blogs that I don’t read on a semi-daily basis, and, and, and….


Respawn Points and Treadmill Gaming

Treadmill Gaming - Starting Over
Treadmill Gaming – Starting Over

I played World of Warcraft (and Diablo, and Firefall, etc.) while walking on a Treadmill for a little over three years. It was fun, I was in better shape than I’d been for quite some time, but then the treadmill broke…

It seemed like a simple fix, but after I replaced the drive belt the walking belt started randomly skipping. It’s hard enough to walk and game without having to deal with the ‘ground’ lurching around! After much YouTube tutorial watching and tinkering, I gave up and meant to get a professional to fix it some time after we moved.

Which was roughly a year ago.

So why am I finally getting around to setting my treadmill gaming rig back up?

One of my goals for this year was to ‘win’ one of the Six Week Challenge rounds over at the Nerd Fitness Rebellion. It went about as well as most New Year’s Resolutions are wont to go… but I realized it’s still something I want to do in 2016.

(Plus I noticed I was getting traffic from the Treadmill Gaming subreddit every now and then and felt guilty I wasn’t keeping up the fight.)

The next Nerd Fitness Challenge starts January 4th and my goal is to have the gaming rig ready to go so cross your fingers and wish me luck! 🙂