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A’WoW’ing We Will Go… Maybe?

World of Warcraft Woe
World of Warcraft Woe

I had grand plans to get on World of Warcraft tonight after work– it’s a new expansion so there’s plenty to do on my main that isn’t just a max-level grind. But alas, the entire rest of the universe wanted to do the same. Whodathunk? 😉

So instead of walking away the miles while I play all things New and Improved™ I’m staring at a screen that constantly changes it’s mind on how long I have to wait.

But I am a patient kitty and soon new levels of foes will taste my claws… at some point… eventually… *goes off to play on other WoW blogs in the meantime*

1 year, 6 months, 90 days, 4 Weeks, 1 hour

Terrapyn and Pun Ride Again!
Terrapyn and Pun Ride Again!

The World of Treadcraft is officially back!

Starting today I’m going to play World of Warcraft for one hour a day and I’m going to do it for one year. The only acceptable excuses will be ‘I am sick’, ‘ or ‘I physically cannot get to the computer.’

Why am I doing it? Because of this article over on Cracked and the fact that starting next month I’m going to have highly stressful (but incredibly fun) job and I need some way to burn off that stress.

I’d been thinking of doing something more artistic, like resurrecting the old comic strip or focusing on learning sculpting and casting, but my creative muse has a habit of vanishing right when I need her.

A year is a long time, so I’m breaking it down into smaller and smaller chunks (hence the cryptic title). All I care about each day is that one hour. I don’t care what happened yesterday, I don’t care what will happen tomorrow.

Last time I did this I got through 32 weeks and 172.65 miles — time to start breaking some records! 😀

Treadmill Desk + Warcaft, 3 Years Later

Treadmill Desk 3 Years Later

It’s been a little over three years since it seemed like a good idea to turn my gaming adventures into something a bit more challenging.

While I’m still nowhere close to my hour-a-day goal, I’ve come a long way!

At this point I can comfortably play a single character in Diablo or World of Warcraft, dual-box in WoW at varying levels (depending which pair I’m playing), hold my own in an FPS (which I wasn’t that good at sitting still), and not die immediately in StarCraft.

There’s something very comforting about being able to move when you’re playing a game that gets your adrenaline up. It’s not something I’d miss if I was playing a turn-based game, like Civ, but for things like Diablo and WoW– it feels really weird now to have to sit still when I’m playing on other computers.

Overall, the setup hasn’t changed much over the years. I did some tweaks to the height of the keyboard and the mouse (adding towels under the wooden boards), but it’s pretty much the same as it was when I first started.

So if this sounds like fun– I’d highly recommend trying it out! 🙂

Treadmills don’t cost that much, heck you can pick up used ones on Craigslist for cheap, or brand new from Walmart for under $500. And yeah, mine is pretty much jury-rigged in a way that would make MacGyver proud, but isn’t that half the fun?

(Sure you could buy the whole kit and kaboodle for three grand, but where’s the challenge?)

On Liebster Award and Blogging and Wow

Liebster Award
Liebster Award

I was tagged the other day by in a meme that apparently has been running about the internet since 2010! (No idea how long it’s running in the WoW community, but now I’m sort of itching to find out…)

Much like the Sixth Meme it’s a tagging bonzana, but there are some extra rules this time.

1) Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award badge
2) Answer the eleven questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
3) Provide eleven miscellaneous facts about yourself
4) Nominate eleven blogs of relatively small readership that you think deserve to be better-known
5) Notify the bloggers that you’ve nominated them
6) Compile eleven questions for your nominees to answer

Step 1 is already done (Thanks Kamalia! :D) and her eleven questions are below (Step 2). Continue reading On Liebster Award and Blogging and Wow

Learning 2 Bear(tank)!

Inkpaw - Meatsheild-in-Training
Inkpaw – Meatsheild-in-Training!

I have a coworker who invited me over to his guild on another server, but alas I am cheap– so instead of a level 90 cat they’re got a level 1 bear-to-be.

Thankfully they have no problem with that and leveling’s been quick and tidy. Now that I’m up at 22, it’s time to trade in my DPS ways and learn some actual tanking.

Icy Veins guides are always a great place to start! So I hopped on over to Guardian Druid Tank Guide (WoW MoP 5.4)

Then I ambled over to The Inconspicuous Bear (since that was the expert listed in the guide) and settled down to read. …and read …and read.

Last, but not least, I hopped back over to the Big Bear Butt Blogger, because lo, I read that blog for fun anyways– might as well learn something too! 😉

Was this overkill for a level 22 baby-bear with all of six buttons? Oh heck yes.

So what did I actually use for my very first dungeon run? Continue reading Learning 2 Bear(tank)!

In Bank Alts We Trust

Pattern Royal Satchel

My name is Martha *dramatic pause* and I’m a pixel hoarder.

I have now crammed poor Ashella’s bags and bank (and void storage) full to the brim with Soulbound items and it’s time to pull out the big guns– err, bags!

Which means I need Pattern: Royal Satchel.

Twelve days of Imperial silk seems a small price to pay to open up some wiggle room in my banks. Well, twelve days per bag… but it’s better than nothing.

Ashella Reputation
Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms…

The good news is I have plenty of silk ready to go.

The bad news is The August Celestials think I’m a pretty nice kid, but they haven’t seen me around much and aren’t that impressed.

Per Wowjuju, it’ll take me a little over a month to get to Exalted via daily quests, which is a long, looooong way away. So there’s plenty of time to make the rest of the silk while I bribe the nice pandas into loving me.

(As a bonus I’ll also be able to pick up Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Agility when I hit Revered!)


Gearing Alts by Accident

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple -- Jenny Joseph
When I am an old woman I shall wear purple — Jenny Joseph

Apologies to Jenny Joseph, but it’s been one of those, err– months? Years?

I’ve forgotten how long I’ve been running around re-learning How Not To Die. Which is appropriate, given the settings.

But I’m getting better at Not Dying, working out how to fit all the fun of Feral Feral’ing into fewer buttons (and more macros), and slowly… veeeeery slowly gearing up.

WoW seems to be subtly hinting that I need to play my alts.

Where ‘subtle’ means 75% of the build-a-bearcat gear drops aren’t leather.

On the on hand, it is a good way to lure me into looking over all the alts I’ve left to twiddle their thumbs, but on the other– I just want to wear purple goldarnit! With so many people running around, I’ve had more luck finding chests than I have killing anything, so the grind is that much slower.

Cranefeather Gear
Cranefeather Gear

I still need the chest, boots, helm and belt– which means I’m only 50% done.

Now if I only had enough high levels alts to use all the cloth, mail, and plate by-products…. *mutters*