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3 - Perish Twice

Treadmill Gaming and the FPS Condundrum

Engineers don't need pants!

Engineers don’t need pants!

One of my coworkers has been trying to rally the rest of us into playing Firefall– but I’ve never been that good at first person shooters and that was before I started playing on a treadmill.

But you can’t get better at things unless you push the envelope a bit and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. (I have a lot of fond memories of playing Halflife at house-LAN parties and dying in new and interesting ways.)

So I settled in Saturday and played the first few hours on a barstool instead of walking… Which turned out to be a very very good idea. Continue reading

3 - Perish Twice

Getting Back on the Horse, err Cat!

The Blizzard Email of Shame

The Blizzard Email of Shame

Once upon a time there was a girl who walked through Azeroth…

And then she got lazy and stopped logging in.

Stopped running dailies.

Stopped working on keybinds. And rotations. And gear research. And blogging said research.

And lo… the fitness she had achieved via dual-boxing went right out the window and she did not make Level 5 in HealthMiles. And verily, she was sad. Continue reading

3 - Perish Twice

Of Holidays and Warcraft

Who knew dancing deer were so combustible!

Who knew dancing deer were so combustible!

I may have stopped posting, but I’ve been getting a lot better about getting on the treadmill and playing WoW on a daily basis. Which means not only are the stepcounts going up, but so are my achievements!

Sadly, I still would have forgotten about the Midsummer Fire Festival yet again if I hadn’t run into one of the tents while chasing down the old world daily cooking/fishing quests.

Even after way too many years playing I hadn’t done a single one of the achievements for this World Event, which I vaguely remember stemmed from frustration with the torch catching daily.

Thankfully I’m much more stubborn this time around, so I’ve been slowly grinding down the checklist.

Sub-tank Sadness

I even gathered my tiny amount of kitteh courage and did the holiday boss! It took two wipes with two different randoms before I finally got that checked off the list– but my DPS was only a little below the average and I have worse gear, so I’m counting it a win. (We’ll ignore the fact I also came in below the PvP-geared tank *sighs*)

I still have quite a bit of the ‘fly here, now fly here, wait fly over there too!’ checklist to complete, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to check off everything… except maybe the King of the Fire Festival. *ponders*

Up, up and away!

Scenery Long Ashella Hearthstone Mountains

3 - Perish Twice

And on the other paw…

Terrapyn and Pun

And yes, the turtle’s name really is Pun. *solemn nod*

So, yeah– I was feeling overwhelmed with all the things I haven’t yet done on my main, so I decided to start a brand new panda-lady in order to, well, have even MORE things that haven’t been done.

So beware Terrapyn and Pun, my mighty Horde excuses to Pet Battle my way across Azeroth!

Have I mentioned how happy I am that there are account-bound things now? So glad. *huggles all the pets she doesn’t have to get all over again*

3 - Perish Twice

Darnitall Tuesday!

Yeah it's a Tuesday

Yeah it’s a Tuesday

This is what happens when you login for a quick morning ’bout of farming after spend too much time with spreadsheets and research on The Undermine Journal.


Someday I will remember when it’s Tuesday! (That day is not today, obviously.)

But on that note, I think I’ve finally found a way to make money from the Auction House, so expect a post on ‘How not to be broke whilst Tailoring’ in the next few days. *crosses fingers*

3 - Perish Twice

Patch 5.2 Blues

Scenery Tall Ashella Scarecrow Flight Form

Oh Bartender, wherefore art thou Out of Date?!? *mourns her Addons*

…No, seriously, I can’t play right now. I am so dependent on the mouse at this point that fighting with the default actionbars is driving me a bit batty. So yesterday’s grand return to the life of treadmill gaming too a quick turn towards Farmville.

Which isn’t a bad thing considering I’m still churning my way through a food-themed bucket list. Just a few more meats (and one EVIL fish) to farm and I’ll have Master of Pandaren Cooking in paw.

I have a few ideas on what I want to do next, but I need my kitty-killit buttons to work first. *mutters*

So yeah, downloaded Dominos and it’s off to try something with a bit more teeth. …and plant things. *shifty eyes*

3 - Perish Twice

Baby Steps (Pandaren Cuisine & Pandarian Angler)

Ashella Fishing Rat Sunset Ocean

Any Minute Now…

Since I decided on a fishing and cooking (and farming!) themed Bucket List, I’ve actually made pretty good progress. I wasn’t fond of the idea of chasing the low drop rate items, but I’ve been lucky so far. Let’s hope that keeps up… *crosses fingers*

I was very tempted to drop everything and start Pet Battling instead thanks to Navi’s post, but I’ve steeled my resolve and am going to resist. … At least for another few days. ;)

Thus follows my notes about polishing off the two achievements. (I’ll try to keep up a ‘how I muddle through’ theme running as the week goes on.) Continue reading

3 - Perish Twice

Once More With Reeling

Ashella General Achievements

Achievements, Ho!

I’ve decided to ditz around with grinding Tiller and Angler rep and cooking as my next One-Item Bucket List… although it’s more of a theme than an item.

So far I’ve managed to eat my way through a good portion of Pandaren Cuisine and a decent chunk of Pandaren Delicacies. I really need to hit up the old world(s) dailies as well, so I can pick those up– but for now I’m content to just focus on ticking off all of the Pandaren checkboxes. *noms*

The fishing is also well under way– I’m a smidgen away from Zen Master Fisherman and hopefully tracking down the missing fish for Pandarian Angler won’t be too much of a headache. … I hope.

I figure it will take me a while to get Master of Pandaren Cooking, not to mention the others, so this should be a good first quarter goal for 2013.

Onwards! :)

Scenery Long Ashella Halfhill Farm

3 - Perish Twice

I Need Another Bucket (or: 90 Ding!)

Ashella Level 90 Ding

After 95 days of casual meanderings towards my goal… yesterday I finally hit 90, which means my one-item bucket list is now complete!

And that means that I need a bigger bucket.

There’s an infinite list of Things To Do now, with all the old content from Cata that I never finished (which is most of it) and all the new content from MoP that is finally within grasp of my claws!

  • I want to get a Giant Farm.
  • I want to harass the new factions who wouldn’t talk to my sub-90 self.
  • I want to Battle ALL the Pets!
  • I want to run dungeons and maybe raids.
  • Heck I want to run all the old raids and dungeons that I never did back when the world was new…

So, yeah, nicely bit of awesome to finish off 2012 with, but now I need to figure out what to do next! :D

3 - Perish Twice

Halfhill Farming for Casual Players

Ashella Halfhill Farm Four Plots

What, no catnip?!

Are you a casual player? Is hitting 90 going to take you more than a couple days? Not quite sure what to do with your farm in the meantime?

Then read on, dear person who is reading, read on!

It occurred to me that the research I did might be useful to others, so here’s a quick guide on how to put your four measly little garden plots to good use. Continue reading