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5 - View From the Molehill

On Methods and Madness (or: Why I blog)

Blog Cascade


(It’s still Day 4 of the Intentional Blogging Challenge right? *hides calendar*)

It’s been fun reading the posted responses to this– A lot of folks out there have deep and meaningful reasons for why they started blogging. In fact quite a lot of them have blogs specifically meant to inspire and improve the lives of their readers.

So why did I start (and keep) blogging?

My online life started in 1994, back when my website was an archive for my writings and my art. Then I stumbled into LiveJournal in 2005 and got into the habit of chatting to my readers and friends about the day-to-day craziness that is my life. Once I found self-hosted WordPress the transition back to my own site was a natural– although it took me several years to finally combine all my my different hobby blogs into one Megablog.

I love taking notes and organizing things (as my coworkers can attest) so this blog is basically just the notes of my life. I blog about what I’m doing, what I’ve done, what I plan to do– a running commentary that’s hopefully fun to read and fun to look back on years down the road.

As for what I hope to accomplish…I guess I aim to make you go commit art? (Or write stories, or build a treadmill computer, or play with code, or run a microbusiness, or– heck, I guess that all counts as art moreorless?)

To Sum-up

I blog to entertain and to spark other folk’s Muses.
I blog to bring some theoretical structure and implied coherence to my life.
But mostly I blog because otherwise there are too many stories in my head…

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Of Fresh Starts and Old Clutter

Clutter Engage!

Clutter Engage!

The house is getting foundation work done next week, which means everything has to be packed and out of the house (or hidden away in the kitchen). On the whole it seems like a pretty simple task: pick things up, put them in a box.

What I really wasn’t ready for was having to admit to myself how much stuff I still own for silly reasons.

I’ve been pretty good the last few years about decluttering, but with a packing matra of ‘Will I use this in the next two weeks?’ it’s becoming apparent I own things I’m not going to use in the next two years.

Or haven’t used in the last ten.

So yeah, packing the house is turning into one of those ‘what is actually important?’ adventures.

But it’s worth it to be shaken out of ruts now and again– growth only comes from focused change, so time to get a’focusing!

*dives back into packing*

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May is my ‘Nothing’ Month

The Year of Faff 2014

I’ve officially decided to do nothing for May (and possibly beyond).

Actually, I’ve been getting up the courage to do nothing ever since I saw Godmother’s post in January about the Year of Faff.

True, she meant it as it applies to World of Warcraft, but I’ve decided it’s high-time that I start focusing on chasing the Fun first and the Things That Must Be Done™ second. (or third)

I should have all of the custom order model horses done today, so once those are off the table I won’t owe anyone anything. I’ll be able to paint or write or declutter or code or walk and game or garden or whatever I feel like… and all I have to do is resist making lists or setting goals or putting any sort of limits on things.

I have a feeling this might be a little harder than expected, but I think it’s time for a little FAFFing!

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2,000 Posts!

2000 Posts!

2000 Posts!

That’s a crazy milestone, no matter how you slice it…

My very first post in the archive is from 2005, but that was just me backdating things in the old writing archive so they’d exist but not muddle the feed. After that come mostly imported LiveJournal posts until October 8th, 2008 when I made the move to a self-hosted WordPress site.

So where did those two thousand posts come from? Well it’s not surprise that the writing subblog came out on top (thanks to NaNoWriMo), but I’m honestly a little wowed by just how much it trumped the competition!

I’m sure the numbers will even out as the years go on– but right now I’m just taking it as a challenge to get back into my ‘post a day’ habits! Time to break out the March Lions and get roaring again! ;)

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A Year of False Starts

Good Intentions and Empty Desks

Good Intentions and Empty Desks

As you can tell from the vast wasteland of posts on the blog in the last few weeks, my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went.


Every time I cry Mulligan and try and start the year over right something goes wrong– and at this point I’ve given up on any sort of true fresh start.

So I’m declaring the rest of February (what little there is) as a ‘one thing a day’ month. That’s it, no more layered goals, no more multiple checklists, just one thing a day. If the rest happens, it happens, but I just don’t have enough energy.

And with luck, the little victories will be enough to tease my Muses out to play and I can finally get back to work Making Things. *crosses fingers*

…is it Spring yet?

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They Shouted, Reveling

Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 Hardcopy to Google Calendar

Dec 2013 – Jan 2014 Hardcopy to Google Calendar

Title is from the poem The Shortest Day which is one of my favorite things from the Christmas Revels performances. (We’ll ignore the fact that the solstice was on the 21, not the 31.)

2013 has wound to a close and while I may not have checked much off my , I had a blast trying. In fact I’m looking to recycle a lot of the 2013 resolutions, as well as some of the 2012 and 2011’s… 2014 will be the Year of the Mulligan! ;)

But 2013 was a lot of fun, so onwards to the review! Continue reading

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Fifteen Minute Time Schedule

‘Sleep’ is no longer a valid choice. *sighs*

And with the sunrise, I’m once again on the dayshift… Well, to be fair, my old 11-8 was still technically a day shift, just more of an afternoon/late-evening shift.

But this means turning my schedule on its head again, and finding a new rhythm for my artwork and writing and WoW.

I’m hoping it means I’ll start using those missing three hours that I was wasting in the morning, but only time will tell. *pokes plans* Well, time and about a month’s worth of attempts at ‘Getting Things Done’.

For now I’m going to shift to a 7am/7pm EST posting schedule, so look for updates this week around those times. I think I figured out what was mucking up my automated scheduled postings (darn you Edit Flow! *shakes fist at sky*) so I’m testing it out.

Happy Monday to all! *bundles up an heads out the door into the cold*

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Workweek Timewarps

Monday Morning Workspace

Monday Morning Workspace

I’ve fallen into the rut of writing off Monday through Friday as days in which I won’t get anything done. I have sixteen hours in a day to play with and taking a nine hour chunk out for work should still leave me with plenty of time for walking and writing and horses.

Unfortunately five of those hours are before work starts and only two come after… and it turns out I’m not that good at being a morning person.

Prior to my husband coming home I’d simply swapped things around– sleeping in and then staying up late, but that’s not an option anymore.

Thankfully I’m due for a shift-change at work. I’ll be turning my schedule on it’s tail and getting back to a 2-5 split instead of a 5-2. It means getting out the door a lot earlier, but I get back the 71.4% of my week that’s currently vanishes into a blackhole.

Having a night shift was nice, but I’m definitely ready to start setting the alarm clock again…

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10/5/1 Years Ago… 1/5/10 to Come



Ever play the game with friends where you try and figure out where you were and what you were doing on the same day years ago?

It’s easier now than it used to be, between the current blog and LiveJournal I’ve got a pretty good idea what was going on for the 1 year (same house, same company, different department) and 5 year (same house, taking time off work to finish my Accounting degree), but the 10 year is still a bit fuzzy (we’d bought the house but not moved in yet and I’d have to check the taxes to figure out which job).

For the next year, I have a pretty good idea of where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing (same house, same department). Five years is a bit iffier (new house? same department?)– but I’ve still got the outlines of a plan. Ten years is right out the window.

But it does make me want to write a letter to myself on the blog, about what I think life will be like. Might be time to sit down and make some grand plans again– or at least some 1-3-5 year plans. 10 years still seems like the far side of the moon. ;)

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Learning by Teaching (or: Escaping the Plateau)

Adventures Offline

Adventures Offline

I’ve recently started to feel like the time I’m spending on the internet isn’t amounting to much more than, well, time spent.

I’m not learning new things or improving existing skills, everything I consume is just a repetition of things I’ve already known. It’s a bit like being in a giant echo chamber, where everyone is just bouncing off everyone else without adding anything to the conversation.

So I’m declaring and internet holiday of sorts. Starting today (why wait?) I’m going to spend time on the internet in a focused pursuit of learning something new.

It might be new painting techniques for the horses, or ways to manage feral druid rotations for WoW, or better ways to track inventory for the micro-business, or how to code a my own delivery system for stories/verses, or outlining novels… there’s a whole wealth of things I could be learning out there.

And then? Then I’m going to teach it you, dear readers! :D

(Because the best way to learn something is to teach it and/or it will amuse others.)
((There may or may not be videos involved.))
(((And lots and lots of editing.)))