Model Horse Commissions

My books are open for the remainder of 2015.

Current Commissions

Check out my Facebook page for photos and updates!


Color Limitations

Portraits / Avatars

For 2015 my books are now open for all portraits, which means I’d be more than happy to paint you a blue horse as well as a bay one!

I will do my best to match digital avatars of fantasy horses or horse-like critters, but I’m still learning to color-match so the hue might be a smidge off. Other than that, I’m open to just about anything. :)

Other Artists’ Work

I will not paint or sculpt a model horse that is identical to another artist’s work. If you are using the photos simply as an extra reference for a rare coat color, or ‘dapples like this, not like this’ that’s fine.

My Own Work

You may request a horse that looks similar to any horse in my galleries except for the portrait horses. I will not do exact replicas of a paint job, but I will paint ‘siblings’ to horses. See the two pairs below as examples:

Original Horse

Custom Order

Original Horse

Custom Order

Irish Ayes
Irish Ayes

Unnamed Custom Quarter Horse
Custom Order

Captain Erroneous
Captain Erroneous

ROL Blue By You
ROL Blue By You


Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom artwork is a fickle thing and I will provide multiple photographs of the model so that you can approve the paint job before it is mailed. If at any time you are unhappy with the custom just let me know and you can get a refund as noted below.

What Happens to the Body?

To recoup my time investment, I will normally finish and sell custom orders that did not live up to the original buyer’s expectations. This can create a bit of a problem, depending on where the body came from, so please read the following carefully!

  • If the body came from my body box, that cost will be fully refunded.
  • If the body was purchased and mailed to me and you do not want it returned, I just need scanned copies of the receipts and I can refund those costs (both the body price and the S&H to me).
  • If the body cannot be replaced and/or you want it returned to you (or sent to another customizer), I will pay return shipping, but you will owe me for work completed. At the moment I am hoping not to take any models that cannot be replaced, for obvious reasons.

Full refunds are offered up until the model is in the mail, after that if the model is returned to me I will refund the cost of the paint job and body, but the S&H charges are non-refundable.

Refunds are NOT offered to overseas customers once the horse is in the mail, since the shipping and customs costs are regularly more than the price of the horse.

Payment Terms

Due to PayPal and Etsy payment and refund time limitations, payments for custom orders are not required until the horse is completed. However once completed payment is due within 21 days or the horse will be listed for sale.

Since my customs are cheap (comparatively), I am not accepting time/split payments.

Donations (Charity, Live Shows, Non-Profits)

I will happily paint any donated body as long as it matches the same color and scale requirements as listed above. If I have other commitments that will prevent me from completing the horse on time, I will let you know immediately.


I’m always looking for bodies to paint, so I am willing to do trades for plastic or resin horses 1:24 scale and smaller, Breyer Companion Animals, CollectiBulls, Ornaments, Medallions or Classic (1:12) and Traditional (1:9) scale foals.

I may also be interested in trading for broken resins, depending on the resin!

Payment Methods

I am currently accepting Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, and PayPal. Personal checks and money orders are on a by-approval basis, since (sadly) there is a lot of room for fraud.

Body Cost

Body Provided by Customer : no cost
Body Ordered by Me from Dealer : Body Cost + S&H to me. S&H will be prorated among the entire order if I am buying more than one horse. (I will try my best to sneak it into one of my own orders to bring the cost down, but I can’t make any promises.)
Body from my Body Box : As noted on Body Box listings—ask if there is no listed price!

+ Resculpting (Stablemate Scale only)

Resculpting is offered for one scale only at the moment and is not covered by any of the custom slots currently in the Etsy store. Please drop me a line for a price quote!

Minor Resculpt $10 Minor Resculpt Face, Feathering, Forelocks
Other Resculpt $20 per hour Other Resculpt Mane, Tail, Leg Movement, etc.


$2.50 Body Cost (see the monthly Replacement Cost listings)
$30 Other Resculpt, 1.5 hours
$20 Solid Base Color (Black)
$52.50 TOTAL

Wild Irish Sea
Wild Irish Sea
$1 Body Cost (Mini Whinnie)
$10 Solid Base Color (Metallic Green, Minimal Tobiano/Minor White Markings)

Skip the Wild Tangent
Skip the Wild Tangent
$15 Body Cost (Pewter Mico Mini)
$25 Any Color Custom Slot (Bay Extended Blanket Appaloosa)

Shipping and Handling

I ship by USPS Priority Mail, which ranges from $5.10 to $6.20. Charges are for exact cost since the USPS gives me the boxes for free and the packing material is recycled/cheap. If you would prefer I ship by UPS or FedEx, I’d be more than happy to do so.

I am currently searching for cheaper ways to ship the horses that includes delivery confirmation, so I may change this in the future.

Overseas Orders

Items are shipped per buyer’s preference. I make no guarantees on when and in what condition the model will arrive, although I will do my best to make sure it gets there safely. I ship these items as artwork not as gifts and you are responsible for any customs charges incurred.


Post a comment here and I’ll get you an answer! :)

5 thoughts on “Model Horse Commissions”

  1. I can paint from reference photos, I’ve just realized over the last year that painting realistic portrait horses are killers for my confidence. I end up sitting on them for months because I want to get them perfect– and I’m not that good a painter yet. *sheepish grin* (Baa!)

    Amusingly painting the same horse and pattern in blue instead of bay doesn’t give me the same headaches…

    If you’d like to see some of my previous portrait horses, check out the portrait tag. :)

  2. Hi Martha,

    I’m hosting two model shows this year, and was wondering if you’d be willing to paint a stablemate for each show as a donation?

    I’ll provide the stablemate. If you could let me know, I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Sure! Just let me know the due dates, what sort of color/patterns you’d like to see. I’ll paint just about anything on a stablemate for the cost of a body and shipping, so don’t be afraid to ask for something crazy! :)

      Just drop me an email or message me on Model Horse Blab (or Facebook) and we’ll get you slotted in!

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