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Below are all of the finished works and longer works-in-progress (WiPs) separated by genre and then by universe/series/etc. Items without an established universe are listed under “Unaffiliated Stories.”

I’ve tried to arrange stories within the universes in chronological order with placeholder markers for WiPs not yet posted.

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Urban/Suburban Fantasy

This section also includes Present Day or Near Future Fantasy and a dash of Paranormal Romance (clearly marked). If it happens on Earth and there’s no Clarke’s Third Law lampshade– then you’ll find it here! 🙂

Baron’verseBaronverse Rought Draft Icon

Werewolves, Very limited Magic use

Centuries ago a dying witch cursed an evil Baron and his seven sons… but the curse didn’t go quite as planned. Generations later the Baron’s descendants –by blood or adoptive oath– roam an increasingly urban world…

Imagine a universe where becoming a werewolf had more to do with changing your last name than who bit who. Where taking the oath meant perfect health and near instant healing. Where your mortal enemies worked with magical silver and no one else had a clue you existed. A fractured life you were forced to reinvent every twenty years just to stay hidden.

Dogs of the Never Never

Ghost Dogs and Deer (and people), Minimal magic usage

Jon was always chided for not ‘living up to his potential’, but at least he was happy. Now he’s the living anchor for a pack of ghost dogs and the last thing he wants to do is find out how far his potential goes…

Dogs of the Never NeverDogs of the Never Never
Jonathan Black has spent his life fighting for the right to just be Jon. Hounded by teachers, his boss, and even his fast tracking big sister, to stop ‘wasting his potential’, Jon is bound and determined to reject the corporate rat race and everything that it stands for.

Akela’s pack has just lost its Huntsman and they’ve got no time to lose. These ethereal Dogs guard the Veil between life and death and come hell or high water Jon’s going to help them do it.

This was my NaNoWriMo 2009 and novel and the underlying universe fell out from under me during the month. I’ve got an idea on how to glue it back together, but for now it’s mostly MuseFic and broken logic.

One-Word Title : NaNoWriMo 2015!

[One-Word Title]
This was my NaNoWriMo 2015 attempt at resurrecting the Dogs of the Never Never novel. It’s a cominbation of MuseFic, outlines, revised drafts and (oddly) an actual story…

Definitions : 100 words
There’s an inherent flaw in naming things.

Riding the Curve : 100 words
Someone has to be average in his family and it may as well be Jon…

Replacement Parts : 100 words
There are reasons for the status quo.

Leaves on the Wind : 201 words
Life is more than power lunches and business suits.

No Takebacks : 180 words
Jon never wanted to be different.

Tales of the Drunken UnicornTales of the Drunken Unicorn

More Talking Animals than you can shake a stick at! Magic everywhere.

One drunken Ouija board adventure and now Sam’s got a mostly-invisible unicorn following her around campus and insisting that she battles Evil between midterms.

The last thing Samantha had expected when she went to Delta Sigma Phi’s Halloween Party was that she’d end up the proud owner of a magical companion animal. But one drunken ouija board adventure later, she’s got an annoyed unicorn following her around and a binding contract with no escape clause. It’s not that she minds saving the world, it’s just she’d got better things to do… like passing midterms, or finding better blackmail on her RA (Dry dorm? What dry dorm?).

Three Tequila, Floor (WiP)
There’s a vampire on the loose and it’s giving the local dhamphires a bad name. Can Sam prove Terry’s flock’s innocence before another team wipes them out?

Werewolf Sick Days (WiP)

The Wolves of Windsor Dorm (WiP)

Too Old for NeverlandToo Old For Neverland

Fairy Tales-ish, Near Future, Magic Usage

The girl who isn’t Wendy traded away her name for immortality and a chance to stop the pied piper who wasn’t Peter Pan from stealing any more children…

Too Old For Neverland : 632 words
They were too old for Neverland, those lost scarred souls that balanced on the edge of Growing Up.

The Tao of Names : 100 words
She wasn’t Wendy, but she never had been; that much she could remember.

Momentum : 100 words
Over the years Wendy collects her own band of unLost Boys.

Whistling in the Dark

Near Future, Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy/Soft Science Fiction

Five thousand years ago Good cheated and their victory in the millennial battle for control lasted a bit longer than it was supposed to. Now Evil has finally set things right, but no one told Good that the game was on. A thousand years of darkness are on the horizon and we’re running out of flashlights…

When Good is Dumb (WiP) NaNoWriMo 2009

Chewtoys (WiP)

Unaffiliated Stories

Random Fantasy Goodness

And Ever After : 55 words
He’d joked, as they looked up at the stars and pledged their undying love, that if there was life after death he’d find a way to show her.

A Hymn for St. Anthony : 55 words
This is where churches come to die.

Is, Was, Will Be : 55 words
Fae eyes are full of death and I saw mine reflected there.

Simple Instructions : 55 words
Like this, his father said and the boy shifted his arm and changed his pose.

a’Courting Go : 55 words
I’m the cat that hung the moon, crooned the tom holding court outside her window, that little mice nibble back into the gloom.

Love Me: 55 words
It’s love distilled, congealed, fermented into a pulsing heat that sings…

Pancakes With a Side of Myth : 184 words
“You don’t find magic in an IHOP.”

Mr. Magnifico vs. Miss’Terious! : 468 words
“Kindly put that down and step away from the particle accelerator.”

The Ghost of Herington Hill : 386 words (Song)
There’s a light in the limbs of the old oak tree / Where they hung the mutineer Jones.

To Every Season : 415 words
Carol was not in the habit of showing off.

Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies : 323 words
There was something in the way he said goodbye that made her stop, phone halfway returned to its cradle held in a suddenly trembling hand.

Of Ignorance and Angels : 159 words
It had come up in casual conversation; Bonnie was griping over a recently ex-boyfriend and Danny had said it without thinking.

Urban FantasyScience Fiction | High Fantasy | Other Fiction | Fan Fiction

Science Fiction

Most of the following stories are Soft Science Fiction with a few darts into unabashed Science Fantasy. Someday I will pull off a Hard SciFi story… but not yet (darnit).

Blackguards and Plaster SaintsBlackguards and Plaster Saints

Near Future, Soft Science Fiction

One morning the Earth woke to an alien ultimatum: tithe its children to the Fleet in exchange for defense against the interstellar war that was coming or face annihilation alone. They had a year to decide. Twelve months that lasted forever –that lasted a heartbeat– but in the end, they accepted. On Exodus, ten percent of the population between the ages of five and thirty-five vanished. In exchange the Ship left the accumulated knowledge from hundreds of worlds already harvested… and blueprints for ships of their own. Earth has forty years, four alien advisers, and an oncoming century of war.

Rabbit’verseThe Rabbit Who Ate the Moon

Far Future, Soft Science Fiction

Firsts have the knack of shedding their mental humanity to slip into alien ways of thinking, which makes them perfect candidates for convincing sentient races we’re something more than animals. But once that’s done they have to find their way back again… and sometimes they need a helping hand to lead them home.

In Dreams of TreesNifty Picture Goes Here

Fractal timelines, Soft Science Fiction

There’s a city that waits in the spaces between the worlds, encasing an endless spiral of doors that open to worlds that could have been. But for some people those doors open in as well as out…

Gray and Tan are chasing a kidnapper, Blue and Horn are hunting a serial killer, and Red is trying to save the world. There’s an Endless City hidden in the woods that holds the answers they need, but can they unravel its secrets in time?

Skipping StonesNifty Picture Goes Here

Far Future, Soft Science Fiction

Humans found a way to travel in space, skipping through time… but it doesn’t always work.

Bent, Not Broken : 100 words
The morning after the first successful Starways-DuPont-Boeing human skipdrive trial.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics : 161 words
The world cheered when the first pod skipped from low Earth orbit to Mars, then onto Pluto in the same fraction of a second.

Lost : 100 words
They were the Lost, those few dammed souls that skipped between the stars and fell out of Time.

And One To Grow On : 132 words
Auntie Meredith was just no good at buying presents.

Chance of a Lifetime : 150 words
She had skipped a hundred times before, bouncing back and forth on the colonial cargo runs.

On Behalf of the Company : 264 words
Skip, skip, skip, … skip, skip, skip

StarCrossedNifty Picture Goes Here

Near Future, Soft Science Fiction, Webcomics

Space in the future is vast and populated with more anthropomorphic species that you can shake a stick at! (And oddly anachronistic technologies because this was originally drawn back in 2000 and I am bad at predicting the future.)

This verse is primarily webcomic focused, although there are some prose bits as well. I didn’t start out as a graphic novel ‘verse, but it’s hard to stop doodling once you start…

Unaffiliated StoriesSciFi

Random Science Fiction Goodness

Ghosts : 100 words
sonder: n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Written for the challenge over on NerdFitness boards based on this post from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Walls That Talk : 100 words
“Is that really the story you wish?”

Symbiotic Evolution : 100 words
Ten days, four hours, seventeen minutes, and forty seconds ago my world ended.

Office Heretics : 338 words
“Flowerpots are wheelchairs for plants,” Penny deposited the petunias on my desk with an almost triumphant cheeriness.

Biological Warfare : 191 words
Highways wound through the abandoned countryside like fractures, carving the land into easily defined territories.

Thinking Inside the Box : 244 words
Something– something not quite there, but– Ah!

Urban FantasyScience Fiction | High Fantasy | Other Fiction | Fan Fiction

High/Second World Fantasy

This is all of the second-world or High Fantasy in which our reality never existed, or exists only long enough for the protagonist to move from point A to point B.

The Listener’verse

Semi-Medieval Frontier Fantasy, Low-magic

This is a universe in which the dead can talk and Listeners—well, they listen.

In Peace (1100+ words, Starring Pel)In Peace
It was a Listener’s job to put the dead to rest, no matter whose dead they were. (eBook version)

The Misys of Haiyts (WiP)

Last Requests (WiP)

The Gate to Fenrith LeiThe Gate to Fenrith Lei

Real world to Archetypal Fantasy (literally)

In the land of Velanon, in the kingdom of Teravail, lies the fair city of Fenrith Lei…

So begins each daring adventure told over picnic lunches on lazy summer afternoons. Stories spun first by Wendy’s husband and then, after his death, by their daughter, turn the woods out back into a glimpse of Somewhere Else. It isn’t until after a car accident leaves her daughter comatose, that Wendy faces the woods alone and discovers Velanon is more than just a fairy tale. NaNoWriMo (WiP)

Nifty Picture Goes Here

Songs of the Summer God

Limited Magic, Magical Companion Monsters

For as long as anyone can remember, otherworldly Goldens and Binders have roamed the land, feasting on magical stones as they appear. Humans with a knack for finding the stones are prized by both sides, but only the Goldens have integrated themselves into human society. Goldens work with their human companions to help protect the world from danger while Binders sulk in the shadows, mist-like demons that can take any form, they survive by abducting the talented.

At least that’s what the Goldens would have you believe…

That Don’t Impress Me Much

FoxHawk Doodle
FoxHawk Doodle

Talking Animals, Magic Galore, Generic Fantasy

Generic fantasy world where the magical companion animals are partners not sidekicks and the humans have a healthy respect for predators the size of a horse. A parody of the genre, of sorts.

Unaffiliated Stories

Random High/Second World Fantasy Goodness

Unmade : 100 words
“Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing.” She shivered on the pyre, flames long forgotten.

Memo to Self : 115 words
One morning Henry awoke to find a particularly odd message scrawled on his ceiling in lipstick.

On Arboreal Advice : 218 words
“Put down the hammer and listen to me!”

The Cursed SunStone of Veramasu : 196 words
There is noise and then there is song, and while it’s a fine line between the two Soya was pretty sure Til had wandered irrecoverably into noise.

Under New Management : 307 words
“I am the death of hope!”

Promises : 298 words
There’s a rock near the shore of a green-blue sea and every night when the tide rolls in she perches on it, just high enough above the waves that she can see to the top of the hill.

Daydreams : 260 words
Dev had wanted to be a knight since he was old enough to swing sticks and imagine monsters.

Second Chances : 263 words
Rana made a business of taking heroes home.

Missa pro defunctis : 127 words
In the end, there was nothing I could do but watch her die.

Once Upon a Time : 278 words
Things were happening too fast.

Keeping Watch : 227 words
It was such a small loss, compared to the war raging around them, but the Seventh Company took it hard.

Urban FantasyScience Fiction | High Fantasy | Other Fiction | Fan Fiction

Other Fiction

Every so often I write something that doesn’t fit neatly into a category. I’ve been tempted to call this the ‘outlier’ section, but that seemed a bit mean. ;)These are stories that aren’t from an established universe. Maybe someday the plot bunnies will strike again—but for now they are standalones.

Throwdowns With Bears (or: A Muse, Three Ways) : Script (92 words), Comic+Poem (18 words), Song (37 words)
Written for Bear’s Throwdown Writing Challenge.

Hope Burns : 100 words
It wasn’t healthy, but she couldn’t bring herself to give up what little hope had made it through the war.

In Will Alone : 85 words (Poem)
Take this pain of half-imagined never-afters,

Graveyard Dogs : 31 words (Poem)
Those graveyard dogs,

An Ode to Spammers : 104 words (Poem)
I do not like you Spam-I-Am.

Urban FantasyScience Fiction | High Fantasy | Other Fiction | Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction

For a long time I’ve split my Fan Fiction into a separate website, but I don’t see the point in keeping the division anymore. All rights reserved to the original creators and copyright holders. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied and works will be removed upon request. I highly recommend all of these fandoms if you aren’t already in them! 😀

All of the fanfiction on this website, both old and new,
is dedicated to the memory of Kielle and to all my friends from TiC.

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