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Custom Model Horses that are currently for sale (most will be in the Etsy Store).

Black Tuxedo – Flat Cat Head #002

By | January 11, 2018
Black Tuxedo Flat Cat Head Magnet - Front

Flat Cat Head #002

There’s no kitchen or office that this zen little black tuxedo cat can’t bring a little calm to!

Meet the second in this series of magnets, a snappy black and white tuxedo cat. He’s got a cute pink nose, a nice clean white bib, a purr-sonality that mellows out even the most hectic of rooms.

This dapper gentleman was painted in acrylics (Apple Barrel and FolkArt) and was finished with a glossy sealer. You can see in the photos that he’s got a bit of a shine, but he’s not as high gloss as some of the other cats.

He is sponge-wipe durable, but please don’t let him go for a swim!

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #006

By | August 15, 2017
Wooden Dolphin #006

Wooden Dolphin #006

Some dolphins hang out in the deep blue sea, but this little gal is chilling along the shore!

Unlike her fantasy-flavored cousins this little landscape dolphin is all about bringing a bit of calm to your office or kitchen (or other magnet-friendly abode).

So sit back, relax, and let the beach hold up those important papers while you take five… or maybe twenty.

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #005

By | August 8, 2017
Wooden Dolphin Magnet 005

Wooden Dolphin Magnet #005

Reflections on water or spider webbing in turquoise… the patterns were so similar I couldn’t help but play around!

This handsome gal is the result of my attempts to learn how to paint a faux version of Battle Mountain turquoise. I fell in love with the bronze and gold highlights in the rock and was trying to see if I could create a pattern that had very small chunks of the turquoise in it.

But as I painted I realised how much it looked like water… and it went from a faux attempt to fun experimentation.

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #002

By | July 18, 2017

Some fantasy dolphins love to stand out, but this little guy is all about blending into the oceans deep. With a marbled flow of the currents and the splash of seafoam white his impression of a wave has everyone fooled!

An almost-twin to Dolphin #001, his pattern is modeled after the Dusky Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus). These svelte mammals normally come in black, grey and white, but where’s the fun in that?

So instead of monotone, I painted him in amusingly ocean themed acrylics (Island Blue, Sailing Sky, and Ocean Breeze). His back is a less nautical black, but like a tux it makes him look quite dashing in a crowd.

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #009

By | July 6, 2017
Wooden Dolphin Magnet 009

Wooden Dolphin Magnet 009

Dot, dot, a dollop of dolphin?

(Apologies to Daisy Sour Cream!)

This little green guy is the sibling to the pink doodle dolphin, only instead of doodles he got polka dots! Well, technically just ‘dots’ since they are in a random pattern and not lined up nice and neat. But he’s the kind of sea life that tail-splashes your silly rules… so polka dots it is. 😉

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #001

By | June 8, 2017
Wooden Dolphin #001 - Black and Gold Dusty Dolphin

Wooden Dolphin #001 – Black and Gold Dusty Dolphin

What mammal through yonder wavecrest breaks? Why tis a gilded dolphin o’course!

I picked up a small pod of wooden dolphins from Michael’s and this little guy was the first one to leap his way onto the finished pile. So far my muses have been dancing along the fantasy end of things, but I’m hoping for a realistic one someday. *crosses fingers*

My grandmother used to tell me that the sunlight dancing on the wavetips was the sea’s diamonds and if that’s so I can’t think of a better dash of gold to add to the hoard than this handsome fella.

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Leaping Horse #006

By | January 6, 2017
Leaping Horse #006 - Metallic Gold and Copper

Leaping Horse #006 – For Sale!

This little guy was painted back in September 2015… I really need to get these darned galleries caught up!

Every so often plaster casts don’t come out of the mold quite right– but that just means I get to play around with them! 🙂

This little guy is a true OOAK (one of a kind) as his failed cast was hand painted over with additional plaster to create the horse-shaped blob of metallic whimsy that he is today. I was going for a much more primitive feel, which is why he has some texture and he’s more of a rough shape than a detailed sculpt.

There was a significant red color variation between the flash and no-flash photos of him, so I went with the no-flash for the most part. It was a toss-up between trying to show of his shine and make sure the colors weren’t too far off.

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Clydesdale Horse Head #004

By | December 22, 2016
Clydesdale Horse Head #004 - Metallic Copper and Bronze Sabino

Clydesdale Horse Head #004 – Metallic Copper and Bronze Sabino (For Sale!)

This handsome fella was painted back in January, but 2016 has been the year of Art Post Procrastinations, so we’ll just pretend he was posted on time.

The one great thing about sculpting and casting my own magnets is that I never feel limited in how to customize them.. so it was only a matter of time before fantasy snuck into this lineup. I’m actually a little amazed that I got any realistic ones done first! 😉

This little fella has a metallic brown body and copper points. He’s a fantasy play on a red chestnut sabino and he’s ready to hold up anything from corporate memos to a shopping list. (Go, go, drafter power!) He’s got a black background, realistic eyes, and kissy spots that make you wish you had some plaster carrots stashed away.

I really love this color combination and I have a hankering to try it out on a stablemate!

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Black Tuxedo Kittenloaf (Sitting Cat) #003

By | December 14, 2016
Kittenloaf #003 - Black Tuxedo

Kittenloaf #003 – Black Tuxedo (For Sale!)

Every house needs a little high society and this handsome fella is dressed to the nines and ready to class up the joint, no matter what surface he clings to!

Whether holding court on the kitchen fridge or looking down from a cabinet at the office this little magnet will remind you that no matter how bad a day you’re having, that there are more important things in life.

Like petting dapper cats.

…Or possibly feeding dapper cats.

…And definitely playing with the feather toy because phooey on decorum, that thing must DIE!

…Anywho. This striking black and white tomcat with tuxedo markings was painted in acrylics and sealed with a glossy finish. He’s water resistant (as most cats are) but is not waterproof.

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Kittenloaf (Sitting Cat) #002

By | November 28, 2016
Kittenloaf #002 - Red Tabby

Kittenloaf #002 – Red Tabby

Behold the kittenloaf!

None can resist the silent I-saw-you-look-over-here-now-you-must-get-up-and-pet-me meow and this magnet has got that in spades.

Whether napping on the kitchen fridge or soaking in a sunbeam at the office this little magnet will remind you that no matter how bad a day you’re having, that there are more important things in life.

Like petting cats.

…Or possibly feeding cats.

…But only the right kind of gushy food, because otherwise there will be Sniffs of Disapproval and then Royal Sulking.

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