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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #005

By | August 8, 2017
Wooden Dolphin Magnet 005

Wooden Dolphin Magnet #005

Reflections on water or spider webbing in turquoise… the patterns were so similar I couldn’t help but play around!

This handsome gal is the result of my attempts to learn how to paint a faux version of Battle Mountain turquoise. I fell in love with the bronze and gold highlights in the rock and was trying to see if I could create a pattern that had very small chunks of the turquoise in it.

But as I painted I realised how much it looked like water… and it went from a faux attempt to fun experimentation.

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Big Orange Bash Donation Fat Pony Magnets (#004-014)

By | June 16, 2017
Big Orange Bash Donation Magnets

Big Orange Bash Donation Magnets

Normally I donate custom model horses to model horse live shows, but this time around I figured a small herd of Fat Pony magnets might be more fun! šŸ™‚

I’ve made donationsĀ forĀ Big Orange Bash (Knoxville, TN) before and I’m more than happy to keep them hock deep in magnets or models. The show is a fund raiserĀ forĀ the Large Animal Clinic at theĀ University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine andĀ if my silly little horses can help, how can I pass that up?

I went for a full fantasy herd this time around, in homage to my past donations, and tried to get as much variation as I could into the ranks. Part of this was because I was going to use the photos in the Etsy store, so two birds (err, 11 fat ponies) with one stone!

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Wooden Dolphin Magnet #001

By | June 8, 2017
Wooden Dolphin #001 - Black and Gold Dusty Dolphin

Wooden Dolphin #001 – Black and Gold Dusty Dolphin

What mammal through yonder wavecrest breaks? Why tis a gilded dolphin o’course!

I picked up a small pod of wooden dolphins from Michael’s and this little guy was the first oneĀ to leap his way onto the finished pile. So far my muses have been dancing along the fantasy end of things, but I’m hoping forĀ a realistic one someday. *crosses fingers*

My grandmother used to tell me that the sunlight dancing on the wavetips wasĀ the sea’s diamonds and if that’s so I can’t think of a better dash of gold to add to the hoard than this handsome fella.

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Fat Rabbits #001-003

By | January 23, 2017
Fat Rabbits #001-003

Fat Rabbits #001-003

I’m slowly working my way through the piles of leftover Fat Animal MagnetsĀ and with luck I’ll have some of these guys to Etsy by the weekend. I’ve been casting new magnets so I can get proper average weights, which means there are even more of these little guys on the way!

The Fat Rabbits are some of my favorites, and I blame that on my childhood addiction to Watership Down. (Plus I had pet rabbits, which are basically cats only with long ears.)

The best part about rabbits is they come in a crazy variety of colors! I tried to find a good website that showed all the variations, but scarily the best I could do was generic overviews of breed specific ones. …I think I’ve been spoiled by the model horse hobby.

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Leaping Horse #006

By | January 6, 2017
Leaping Horse #006 - Metallic Gold and Copper

Leaping Horse #006 – For Sale!

This little guy was painted back in September 2015… I really need to get these darned galleries caught up!

Every so often plaster casts don’t come out of the mold quite right– but that just means I get to play around with them! šŸ™‚

This little guy is a true OOAK (one of a kind) as his failed cast was hand painted over with additional plaster to create the horse-shaped blob of metallic whimsy that he is today. I was going for a much more primitive feel, which is why he has some texture and he’s more of a rough shape than a detailed sculpt.

There was a significant red color variation between the flash and no-flash photos of him, so I went with the no-flash for the most part. It was a toss-up between trying to show of his shine and make sure the colors weren’t too far off.

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Leaping Horse #001 – #004

By | October 21, 2016
Leaping Horse Christmas Ornaments

Four Horses of the Snowpocalypse

Christmas is a time for inflicting crafts on loving relatives, so when December rolled around last year I grabbed some resin and started making magnets! I didn’t get the best of photos of these little guys, so I probably should bug family for some updates. šŸ˜‰

These four little guys were the first finished copies of this mold, although I had done a bunch of plaster casting prior to this. The plaster was having a lot of problems (this was before I perfected the mixture) and I figured the resin copies would be a safer alternative.

The metal ‘ornaments’ that they are magnet-attached to are the same metal disks you can see behind my Etsy magnets. I painted them with acrylics and sealed with a matte finish. I was playing around with christmas colors, but also trying to make them look like gas giants. If I had them to do over, I’d have used a metal primer instead of trying to work with the gesso. Even with my layers of finish they are prone to scratching. šŸ™

Alas, I have lost my art notebook (Volume I) so I’m not sure what colors I used, although I can guess for most of them. Notes on materials are below each horse and I’ll update them when I find the book.

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Leaping Horse #008

By | October 3, 2016
Leaping Horse #008

Leaping Horse #008

Created in February 2016 this little guy is a cast from the faux-rock background variation of the leaping horse mold. He a bit unique because he hasn’t had the background snapped off, but it makes him a tad more fragile that some his cousins.

The background was painted a flat black and the horse was painted in a combination of Sahara Gold and Gunmetal Gray. I did a basecoat in the gold and then used the gray for the dark points and some shading. The finished horse was rubbed with a light pass of black, just to highlight some of the roughness of the casting.

The sand was the result of sifting out the finer bits from someĀ All Purpose SandĀ that I got from Lowe’s (not Play SandĀ because I didn’t realise it existed.) So it’s got a mixture of tiny rock shapes and colors. The Active Decor Sand that I use in the bases is much finer and I wanted this piece to have a rougher feel to it.

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Golden Star

By | May 9, 2014
Golden Star - Thumbnail

Golden Star

Golden Star is a custom order done on a Breyer Stablemate G3 Friesian stallion and this handsome fella is the other half of the custom order with Silverheart. He’s a golden extended blanket appaloosa with gold/silver/bronze striped hooves, amber eyes, and a diamond star on his forehead. His white markings have a painted layer of matte finish (which is more semi-gloss) over them to make them shine.

Like Silverheart, his paintjob was an adventure in learning metallics! The gold covers much better than silver did, but my various experiments in shading the gold didn’t pan out. I ended up using a very diluted bronze-gold mixture to bring some depth to the mane and some lightness from the silver and the Ceramcoat gold. Continue reading


By | July 4, 2013

Subterfuge - Thumbnail

Make: Hartland
Scale: Traditional-ish
Mold: Rearing Mustang
Color: Metallic Green-Blue-Purple-Magenta
Gallery: Other
Medium: Liquitex Artistā€™s Color Acrylics (Gesso, Bright Gold) and FolkArt (668 Metallic Plum, 654 Metallic Amethyst, 670 Metallic Blue Pearl, 655 Metallic Aquamarine)
Status: Painted June 2013 and SOLD (Custom Order)

I very rarely do anything larger than a stablemate and I certainly don’t do them as custom orders– but when the chance popped up to paint a Hartland— how could I say no? šŸ˜€ Continue reading

Pimped Rides Live

By | April 7, 2013

Pimped Rides Live - Thumbnail

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Andalusian (G3)
Color: Dark Purple-Blue-Green Bay Tobiano
Gallery: Fantasy Tobiano
Medium: Liquitex Artist Color Acrylics (Gesso, Ivory Black, Bright Gold), FolkArt (670 Metallic Blue Pearl, 655 Metallic Aquamarine, 654 Metallic Amethyst)
Status: Painted January 2013 and Donated

(I can’t believe I didn’t notice this didn’t post when it was scheduled back in Feb! *sighs* This year is really getting away from me… Anywho.)

This handsome fella is my first official donation horse of 2013! šŸ˜€ Continue reading