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Once Again, Camp Approacheth!

By | March 13, 2017

It’s that time of the year again, when plot bunnies start popping out of the woodwork and the siren lure of a Camp NaNoWriMo can be heard!

(We’ll ignore the fact that my track record for wins with Camp NaNo’s is currently abysmal.)

So what’s on the docket for April’s Camp? Why my attempt at a play on the Beauty and the Beast story, Into Darkness. Which currently exists primarily in my head and a few very badly written scenes from twenty years ago, give or take.

Which makes a perfect start for a planster (half planner/half panster) NaNo! 😉

So let’s do some planning! 😀

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Daily Snippit : Urban/Suburban Fantasy (Into Darkness)

By | October 10, 2009

Oddly it bothered her more that Kai had seen fit to provide her with a new wardrobe than it did that he’d swiped her cell phone and her keys. The later at least made sense, the former was just insulting. True, her jeans had been a bit worn around the edges and the sweatshirt had seen one too many art classes to really be called any specific color, but darnit, they were her clothes and she wanted them back.

In theory she should have been able to track them down, the house was large but it wasn’t that large. Even if she took it a room at a day she’d find them eventually. Only he’d put some sort of confusion magic on the hallways and she searched the same room three times before she realized what she was doing. It didn’t help that the decorating style for two-thirds of the mansion was ‘dust cloths and bubble wrap’. It looked like someone was in the process of moving in or out, and she hadn’t decided which way the enigmatic immortal was headed.

Well, at least not ‘out’ until the curse was lifted.

Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy (Into Darkness)

By | June 6, 2008

“There are worse things than happy endings.”

Alex looked up from her book to find Kai watching her from one of the fireside chairs. He’d changed since the salle, and was nursing a glass of something that smelled faintly of blood and ginger. “Your definition of happy ending needs some work.”

“I don’t see why.” Make that blood and mulled wine. “I get what I want, you get what you want–”

“And what is it you think I want?”

“To be left alone.”

“Trapped here.”

“You can always leave,” he leaned back in the chair, not quite smirking. “After.”

“The minute they scent you, I’d be dead.” Alex tuned back to her book. “And you know that. Your happy ending is only happy for you.”

“And your happy ending is?”

She gave up on the book and sat-up to face him directly. “Going home: back to car payments and litter boxes, and freshman parties that turn the volume to eleven. And not–” she pointed the book at him, “vampires and curses, and magic castles. I want things to go back to normal.”

“Normal.” He raised an eyebrow. “The local werewolf pack turned you over to me to die, there is a distinct possibility that you may have offended a rather powerful earth elemental, and you just want to waltz back home as if nothing had happened?”

“As opposed to entering into an unbreakable blood-pact with someone who doesn’t seem to think it’s anything more than a curiosity? YES.”

“It’s not ‘unbreakable’–”

“See? No. No, no, no, no. I want,” she snapped, “to go home.

Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy (Into Darkness)

By | September 18, 2007

She’s chosen the wrong fairy tale somehow, wandering castle hallways that never lead the same way twice. Like a thousand other would-be heroines, trapped for a year and a day inside its somber walls. She knows she’s read this one before, only there’s no enchanted roses and the prince is the one wooing a beast.

She has something he wants, he has nothing she needs. It’s a parody of legend, twisting myth into something darker than it was meant to be. They circle each other through the maze of stone, searching for a happy ending that she’s not sure exists.

Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy (Into Darkness)

By | July 29, 2006

He wanted her, and took no pains to hide it, but he never touched her. He merely watched while they went about their daily lives, a constant background hum of lust to counterpoint the false normality. His magic had caught her by chance, and trapped her for a year and a day, but the magic that bound her within the walls of the mansion did nothing more. What he wanted must be freely given; a werewolf’s bite meant madness without the solid bonds of pack and place. So he waited and watched, and she paced the halls of Deepwood trying to decide.

It would cost her nothing (everything), it would win him nothing (everything), it would change everything (nothing)…

Daily Snippit : Urban/Suburban Fantasy (Into Darkness)

By | April 8, 2006

The rain was little more than drizzle, just enough to impede vision, but not enough that the Jetta’s windshield wipers had any effect. Ah, nothing quite like a Tuesday. Alex pulled her car neatly into the last empty parking space in the lot. Another fucking day, another fucking dollar. She sat for a few moments in the dark, reveling in the unnatural silence of the apartment complex. Week after week, the college students managed to keep the cycle going. Party like idiots Wednesday through Monday and sleep like the dead on Tuesday. She was beginning to wonder if they were a different species.

With a sigh, Alex gathered her things and headed up the path to her apartment. Even the die-hard partiers had gone home, although there were always fewer of those spring semester. She could hear the remains of one last gathering in the distance, but her own unit was comfortably quiet. It was the one serious downfall of being a werewolf in a college town, her hearing was painfully acute.

“Home, sweet home.” Alex popped the door open and dumped her coat over a chair to dry. “Piper? Hey furball, where’d you get to?” Her cat was normally waiting by the door in anticipation of a midnight snack. “Piper?”

She started towards the bedroom, just as the men appeared out of the darkness behind her. Two muffled shots later the world went dark.

Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy (Into Darkness)

By | March 25, 2006

She woke in a strange room with the memory of Piper’s purring echoing through the fog. It took a moment for her to remember what had happened and where she was.

Kai. She was instantly alert, slipping out from between sheets that spoke of pampered wealth. She’d heard rumors he’d been alive for centuries; keep that way by magic or curses depending on who was telling the story. Either way, no house could hold a wolf for long.

She reached for the trigger that would send her spiraling down… and found nothing. She froze, halfway to the bedroom door. It didn’t feel like Tyler’s drugs, her mind was clear and her other memories still vivid. The rough flashes of fur and fangs were simply gone.

She sagged into the nearest chair, at a loss. Running fingers over the carved arms of the chair, she tried to remember what the wolf had felt like. The heightened senses, the ruffle of wind through fur, the feel of four paws instead of two, but the memories were gone and only the knowledge remained. As if she had spent a lifetime reading about riding horses, but had never actually seen one.

She shook her head, frustrated. It had to be temporary, Kai couldn’t have that kind of power. No one could.

She stood abruptly and paced the room looking for anything that could help in her escape. It wouldn’t be as easy to get out, but no house could hold her, wolf or not.

Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy (Into Darkness)

By | January 26, 2006

[No refunds, no exchanges… a kidnapped (and drugged) Alex gets turned over to Kai in place of the Pack’s yearly ‘grab a random hitchhiker’ tithe.]

For a moment, he simply stood and watched her. She tried to struggle through the haze and snarl, curse, find some way of venting the defiance at the situation. But the bug juice was too strong, and she simply lay on the gurney, thinking bloody thoughts.

“Interesting.” Kai walked over to the stretcher, amused blue eyes peering into her own. A hand reached up to brush against her forehead and the fog started to lift. “I’d almost think the little bastard got the guts to try and kill me.” Another light caress and she was free of the drugs. “Either that, or he really hates you.”

She gave him her best challenge stare and saw the blue eyes fade to yellow. The stare was absorbed, redirected, but not returned. Even the alpha had backed down from her challenges, so who the hell was this guy?

“This should be entertaining.” That was the last thing she heard before the world went black. Again.