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Building a KDP Select Bookshelf

By | August 10, 2017
Chasing Kindle Unlimited KDP Select

Chasing Kindle Unlimited! (KDP Select)

I’ve been meaning to put together a prompt book (or two) for KDP Select, but they demand exclusivity and all of my previous prompt collections were made of things already posted on the blog. Even the new prompt books I had been working on were designed to be blog-friendly, so those are also out of the running.

What I do have is all of the old Custom Story Prompt books that I’ve never reused.

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Rethinking the Saturday Story Prompt eBooks

By | January 20, 2017


For the past couple of years I’ve been creating yearly eBook collections of the Saturday Story Prompts, sort of a virtual tip jar, but they haven’t proved as popular as I had hoped. The Custom prompts books over on Etsy are doing a lot better, but I get more favorites than sales (alas). I’m actually making more from the Google AdSense… and that’s just sad.

I haven’t completely given up on those books and I’m working on ways to draw in some new readers to the older books. I’m running a quick test on Amazon advertising, so we’ll see if that changes anything. I’m also trying to get some views through Pinterest by creating a board of prompts and I’ll be uploading one of the older SSP books to Wattpad starting a little later this month… but I’m not overly optimistic about my social marketing skills. 😉

Which brings me back to pondering how to bundle these guys in a more appetizing fashion!

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Bundling Prompts for NaNoWriMo

By | October 10, 2014
Prompts by Any Other Name

Prompts by Any Other Name…

On top of the Custom Prompt eBooks, I’m also looking at offering some theme-bundled prompts before NaNoWriMo starts up again. There’s nothing quite as much fun as getting other folk’s PlotBunnies hopping and with the forum reset delay I’m itching to get to work!

As you can tell from the checklist, I’m still pre-prompting my way through the 2015 calendar year, so I’m not at a point where I can easily stop and write new prompts. Thus it’s time to dig into the 1200+ prompts I already have… and try to suss out repeating themes.

Right now I’m going with: Death, Cats, and Sarcastic Banter. *sighs*

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Saturday Story Prompt Collections

By | March 20, 2012

Saturday Story Prompts

One of my yearly goals is to find a way to repackage existing blog content in an easy-to-read eBook format in order to stock the Dollar Shelves. With that in mind, I sorted out the blog by category… and the Saturday Story Prompts (101) came in right behind the Daily Snippits (447).

I figure the prompts will be an easier target for my Smashwords learning curve (since they’re shorter) so I threw them out on the planning board and tried to make a product out of them. Continue reading