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Digging a Grave in the Sky (Blackguards and Plaster Saints)

By | April 2, 2012

This is the wrong category to find the Noblegarden egg silly!

‘Verse: Blackguards and Plaster Saints
Length/Rating: 100 words, PG, Gen
Pairings/Warnings: None
Summary: Prompt from LiveJournal’s community drabbles 30 Days of Drabbles: Day 26 Prompts: Song/Poem: Fugue of Death by Paul Celan.

There’s an arc in the sky, a thin grey line,
That’s all that’s left of me and mine. Continue reading

Throwdowns With Bears (or: A Muse, Three Ways)

By | March 21, 2012

Silly Muse

Bear in his infinite whimsy declared that there should be a writing challenge this Wednesday (well today actually), in which the following words must be used.

Juicy, Vain, Star, Hidden, Shaft, Slender, Torch

Since my Muses are prone to whimsy themselves I came up with three responses… Continue reading

An Ode to Spammers

By | June 16, 2011

I do not like you Spam-I-Am.
I hate your stupid daily spam.

I do not want your stupid posts!
I won’t approve them, no I won’t!
I will not let them linger on,
Watch me delete them– poof they’re gone! Continue reading

Stone Soup

By | July 18, 2008


Stone Soup
Splitting hairs and splitting atoms,
You play Eve and I’ll play Adam,
Boil the water, splice the genes,
A Stone* is all soup ever needs.

Can’t you hear the planet yearning?
Time to start those home fires burning!
Pass the salt and pass the carbon,
We’ll bake until the cell walls harden.

[Because random songs are what Friday’s need. *nods solemnly]
[* where Stone = values of 2001 obelisk]

Silly SciFi Poem

By | February 21, 2008

A ship upon a shadowed sea,
Its sails unfurled towards night,
Born forth into eternity,
So fast, and yet, sub-light.

Why yes, my brain is fried right now… how’d you guess? (Otherwise known as: This is why Martha’s are no longer allowed to write poems about solar sails. Or space in general. Evar. *nods solemnly*)

Daily Snippit: Poetry/Songs

By | August 29, 2007

This shattered sky asweep with stars,
In echoes of some distant scars,
Of times and tides, of mice and men,
That pass by once,
And not again.
And all that’s left for eyes to see,
Are shards of light, in memory

Daily Snippits: Poetry/Songs

By | May 23, 2007

There is something in the echoes of the years that slipped away
A shadow of a memory that can’t be made to stay
No matter what I try to do
Like dreams it fades away

Daily Snippits: Poetry/Songs

By | April 20, 2007

I’m screaming in the shadows of the life you left behind
Empty hollow gouges in the footsteps of my mind
I cannot find my way again
And I’ve been left behind
I cannot find my way again
And I’ve been left behind

Daily Snippit: Poetry/Songs

By | March 28, 2007

See this world
Action, reaction, twined in memory
No choice without scars
No choice without growth
Spirals into fractal lives
Stumbling through the action
And this the hand the guides
shapes the bonsai trees
And keeps them whole

Daily Snippit: Poetry/Songs

By | March 1, 2007

I need to stop making up songs on the way home from work… I keep forgetting the melodies. 😛


In Will Alone

By | February 14, 2007

Take this pain of half-imagined never-afters,
salted earth and clinging strands of nightmare.
Take this pain and bind it, chain it, burn it to the page.
Unmake the world one letter at a time,
In blood, in ink, in will alone;
Fire-bright and frozen.

In a thousand voices scream against the silence,
the all-consuming nothing,
where dreams die in dust and fairy tales,
and force the story forward.

This is not so,
will not be so,
shall not be so…

And thus unmake the world.

Graveyard Dogs

By | February 14, 2007

Those graveyard dogs,
Who sit and wait,
Put not their faith in tattered fate,
But lay their hearts upon the stone,
And keep to this one truth alone,
He will return.

I Refracted

By | December 29, 2006

And the end of life,
Looking back,
Across the canyon of time.
Crying to the world,
This is I.
And the echoes of the songs,
Are the songs that we sung,
Long ago,
From the far end of the canyon.

Slow Winds Carry Me Home

By | November 29, 2006

It’s summer at sea
And the winds blow free
As a thousand tomorrows drift by
Alone on the waves
Marking centuries’ graves
As the ocean of ink slowly dries
A rattle of keys
In touch-typed symphony
Sings the dying souls back into life
And the Writer exhales
Putting wind to the sails
(need something that ryhmes with life here. Then some bit about getting back to literary shore. Or a shipwreck or something. Ooo, NaNo shipwrecks! hehehe ^_^ Hmmm. Too sleepy, will think of good line tomorrow)

And now I need a nap. *wanders off to bed*

In sleep, some semblance find…

By | November 26, 2006

Of hope.
Nay not of hope,
Of peace.
Sung in some shadowed land,
Bereft of sorrows.
Save for dreams,
And dreams of dreams.
And I say,
Sleep on!
And dream of nothing more,
Than this.
Sleep on.