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Playing the Pinterest Game via ViralWoot

By | September 24, 2017

Viralwoot Free

I’ve been slowly making my site a bit more Pinterest friendly since a lot of my traffic comes in on the Molding & Casting posts. I’d love to be pulling in more traffic from my other pins, but the main problem I have with Pinterest is that I’m just not a good pinner… I do enjoy browsing pins now and then, but it’s not something I spend my idle time doing. Thus when it comes to the golden rule of Pinterest (Pin Awesome Things Frequently), I’m not very good at it.

Time to fix that! 🙂

I tried out the free trial of Tailwind and while awesome, it costs $119 per year to use and that’s more than my budget will allow. Viralwoot is a little harder to use, but has a free tier that I think will work… which means it’s time for some planning. *does a small planning dance of glee*

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Into the Abyss!

By | December 21, 2016
2017 Blogging Schedule

2017 Blogging Schedule

Remember when I said I was going to sit down and put some thought into what this blog was going look like in 2017? Well I did! 😀

It was accidental organization… I had to do something while I was waiting for the paint to dry on my small army of Fat Animal Magnets. (Christmas gifts, I can haz!)

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One Post Forward, Two Posts Back

By | August 10, 2014
Old Plans, New Wars

Old Plans, New Wars

I now have over thirty posts in the Draft folder again… and nothing has made it out of that event horizon save Saturday Story Prompts.

They are all still proto-posts, full of rough ideas and a few pictures, but nothing that’s ready to see the light of day. Which means it’s probably time to sit down and start getting serious about the blog again. *rolls up sleeves*

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Minor Course Corrections

By | April 23, 2012

Blog Posting Schedule

I got caught up in offline life over the past week, but I’m trying to get things back on course.

The missing Saturday Story Prompts and World of Treadcraft posts will be up tonight or tomorrow. I have a handful of custom model horses to post, the last few leveling posts for the Shadow Priests (pre-PvP) and a scattering of other updates that I just haven’t gotten around to finishing off.

Half of me is tempted to just save them for May, but we’ll see how she rolls. *pokes scheduling calendar*

Building a Posting Buffer

By | March 30, 2012

Blog Posting Schedule

I’m almost back to my post-a-day schedule and in order to keep things solidly on track (not that it ever has been) I need to build up a buffer of posts that I can fall back on in case I go on vacation/get sick/get distracted/etc.

The problem with writing buffer posts is that they have to be ‘timeless’ so that readers won’t instantly know that I’m pulling out my sick-day stash. So how to I write something that is just as good tomorrow as it is six weeks from now?

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After the Storm

By | February 24, 2012
Posting Plan Feb 24 to Mar 4

Da Plan

The influx of traffic from WoW Insider and the Sixth Meme seems to have tapered off again without leaving a lasting effect (not surprising considering the tiny niche of WoW-dom that my sub-blog covers) and I’m feeling less out-of-place posting non-WoW things.

Which is silly since 83.33% of the megablog is just that… but anywho.

Instead of trying to cram all of the posts that were meant for this week into the last three days, I’m going to push them out into next week—so things will still be a bit sparse until tomorrow. Continue reading

Patching The Gaps

By | January 31, 2012
Patching the Gaps

Best of Intentions

Once again I’m running behind on my posting schedule—so look for the missing World of Treadcraft and The Wolves We Are posts to show up tonight or tomorrow morning.

In order to keep this from happening again planned out the posts for the rest of February (and am hashing out a general outline for the rest of the year). Tomorrow begins the 60k in 60 Days challenge, so if all goes well I should end up a few posts in the bank by the end of the month. *crosses fingers*

Outlining November’s Posts

By | October 12, 2011
Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

Since I’ll be buried up to the gills in NaNoWriMo I’m trying to get all of November’s posts in queue before the month starts. I am planning on writing some posts on the fly, but basing my assumptions off previous NaNo months—there won’t be many.

This means I need to take a slightly more organized look at what I’m writing and what order I want to post things in. *pokes calendar* Continue reading

Predictably Unpredictable

By | May 26, 2011

Keys to the Kingdom

Blogging consistently has never been an easy goal for me, but this year I’ve managed post to the MegaBlog every day. The downside to this is that the model horse ‘filler’ posts have taken over some weeks. While the horse to non-horse posting ratio has improved, it’s nowhere near where I was hoping it would be five months in.

Things are getting better, but apparently I need to work a little bit harder at failing upwards. Continue reading

Herding Cats and Sorting Sand

By | April 1, 2011
Things to Come (and Hulu)

Things to Come (+Hulu)

Setting up a posting schedule has always been a bit of a pain, even before the blogs were combined. As you can tell by the multitude of model horse posts, I’ve been having to resort to filler in order to keep up with my ‘post a day’ goal.

Now that the front page only shows the most recent post from each category, the model horse invasion isn’t as obvious… but the fact that I haven’t posted recently in some of the categories is.

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