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Big Orange Bash Donation Fat Pony Magnets (#004-014)

By | June 16, 2017
Big Orange Bash Donation Magnets

Big Orange Bash Donation Magnets

Normally I donate custom model horses to model horse live shows, but this time around I figured a small herd of Fat Pony magnets might be more fun! 🙂

I’ve made donations for Big Orange Bash (Knoxville, TN) before and I’m more than happy to keep them hock deep in magnets or models. The show is a fund raiser for the Large Animal Clinic at the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine and if my silly little horses can help, how can I pass that up?

I went for a full fantasy herd this time around, in homage to my past donations, and tried to get as much variation as I could into the ranks. Part of this was because I was going to use the photos in the Etsy store, so two birds (err, 11 fat ponies) with one stone!

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Leaping Horse #007

By | January 10, 2017
Leaping Horse #007 - Flaxen Chestnut Splash Overo

Leaping Horse #007

Here’s another one from the archives! (January 2016, to be exact.) 🙂

Need an escape from mundane cubicle life? Behold, the perfect steed to ferry your important photos or notes cross the magnetic fields!

Now not every office can pull off a bit of equine whimsy, but this little gal is just as happy holding shopping lists and report cards in the kitchen as she is herding work paraphernalia.

This little gal has a cost of shaded Nutmeg, mane and tail in mostly Cinnamon and a background in solid Kelly Green. There’s pinking on her nose and belly in Coral and she’s got a bright Cobalt blue eye. Finished off with several coats of Testors Dullcote, she’s ready to rumble… but probably not go for a swim.

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Partial Eclipse

By | March 24, 2016
Partial Eclipse - Left

Partial Eclipse

This little gal has been hanging out in my body box for a loooong time…

Every so often I will buy bulk lots of stablemates off of eBay and that’s where this little gal came from. Eclipse was half-painted and prepped with what I think was automotive primer. Other (saner) folks might have let her go as a casualty of war, but I wasn’t about to give up the fight!

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By | September 25, 2013
Tumbleweed - Thumbnail


UPDATE: This little guy has won a Swedish NAN card! How cool is that?? 😀

Just like his namesake, this little guy is on the move! Now that he’d had his last roll in the pastels and a splash of chrome to add some flair, Tumbleweed is ready to trot off to a new set of shelves.

He has a shaded acrylic base with pastels layered on top of that. He has slight pinking in the usual areas as well as some kissy spots on his nose. Topped off with two brown eyes, since I’m not that hot at painting blue (sorry!). Glossing of eyes and inner nostrils to give him that ‘ready to kick some tush!’ feel.

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Spin Cycle

By | February 5, 2013

Spin Cycle - Thumbnail

Make: Breyer
Scale: Mini Whinnies
Mold: Reining Stock Mare
Color: Rose Splash Overo
Gallery: Overo
Medium: Liquitex Acrylics (Venetian Rose, Yellow Oxide, Light Blue Violet, Phthalocyanine Blue, Gesso)
Status: Painted February 2013 and FOR SALE

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